Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Farm scenes

Living within the belt of maize farming, we watch with interest how the farmers tend their crops. The maize next door to us has grown beautifully (due to the sufficient rains); the cobs are tassled already and soon will be ready for eating. Our friendly neighbor has said we may have a few cobs for our own consumption. 

We've watched these mielies (maize) seeds being planted; we've watched the fertilizer being applied by tractor. We've seen the pivots working and spraying the growing plants. (I posted about this before) And yesterday we saw the crop spraying airplane distributing fertilizer from the air. 

It's incredible how low and curved this pilot flies his airplane. He must have nerves of steel! 
The plane came to turn over the rondawel 

Meanwhile the dogs and I were off to the river. Namusa was busy clearing and planting up an area down there and I followed her. 

Namusa.  Such a diligent lady

As we got down here, Skabenga suddenly remembered that he'd been here before. And he'd had a SWIM somewhere nearby

Whoo- hoo! Swimming in the river

Hi Mum. I'm wet and happy! 

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  1. you are so beautiful wet and happy!!! love the pic of Namusa and what a gorgeous view of the maize and the plane...

  2. Hello, wow! That plane is flying low. I always enjoy seeing your cute Skabenga. Glad he could take in a swim during the walk. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  3. crop dusting is one of the most dangerous occupations ... we used to see those daring pilots often when we lived in Eastern Washington wheat country. Your dog looks ecstatic to have found his 'swimming hole '....


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