Saturday, January 28, 2017

Wildlife Saturday critters

Walking back from the mountain hike this week, I heard baboons barking. In the forest, I saw a movement high up on a rock to my right. 
A pair of baboons

These are the Chacma baboons and some of the most widespread primates in South Africa. They are highly intelligent. See here

Walking the last few hundred meters with the octogenarian hiker, her one Labrador stopped and sniffed at something in the hedge.
A tiny, but feisty little kitten
Don't tell Ambrose I took photos of other kitties! 
A Spurwing Goose on the roof of a chalet
A peacock male (not SA wildlife)

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  1. Those baboons seem to pose for you, Jo!

  2. I have only seen baboons in a zoo. I have heard they are dangerous.. you not only got excericse but lots of wild life.. I would love to see those baboons

  3. Hello Jo, awesome critters. It is cool seeing the baboons in the wild. The kitten is adorable. Love the goose and the peacock. Great series! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  4. How amazing to watch baboons watching you!
    But it's that tiny wee kitten that stole my heart! What an adorable little kitty!

  5. What amazing creatures to see in the wild, it must have been exciting.

  6. The kitten is adorable!

    I love watching baboons. There were so many walking about and trying to get into tourist cars at Baboon Point, Nakuru National Park. I have fond memories there.

  7. As you know Jo, we have no monkeys in the UK. (unless you count the politicians). So it was good to see your local ones.


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