Monday, January 9, 2017

Taxing times

I should be completing our tax invoices to be sent off to the bookkeepers in Senekal (Free State) I am busy with them; I AM.

Only thing is, I saw blogger friend, Sandra's (Madsnapper) post yesterday and asked her how she'd recreated the candle image. Do pop over to Sandra's blog and check it out here

Of course, now instead of getting my invoices sorted, I played with LunaPic. These photos below appear in my blog earlier today. 
I love the way the bed throw and walls are all cheery and colorful

Ambrose and his Dad Ginger

Then Sandra showed me how to create an animated image .

Now, *sigh* it's back to work for me.

You all have a GREAT Monday! 


  1. Hello, I love the kitties and the edited photos. The colors are pretty. You did a great job. Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  2. we both know playing in an edit program is tons more important and PHUN than doing taxes..i love the sparkles, and the pretty pastel pet kitties... good job keep playing

  3. Third attempt to leave a comment. Hope this one works. Love your edits. Good luck with the tax forms!


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