Monday, January 9, 2017

Welcome rain

It started to rain at 6pm on Friday and rained all that night; all day Saturday; Saturday night and all day Sunday. At around 4pm I noticed the sun out over the valley and went outside to take photos! We love the rain but it was nice to see the sun after a wet weekend. 
 Welcome sun in the garden and far out over the valley

 Towards the north, the clouds showed that the rain wasn't' finished yet! 

 But the short let-up was welcome 
 The cats remained indoors
 Ambrose and his Dad Ginger share their sheepskin bed
The dogs and I went for our third walk of the day. The first two being in the rain early in the morning! 

As we stabled the horses, a soft drizzle fell again. 


  1. Everything will be greened up after the rain. Your area looks lovely,

  2. we need rain so bad, but do not want it to come for days at a time like yours is doing. the view out over the valley is just wonderful. everything is so green from all the rain..

  3. Such a lush green. I love the two cats snuggled together, too!

  4. Sure keeps everything green and lush. How I remember the Drakensburg.


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