Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Three month anniversary

In October last year, we packed up our home of three bedrooms,  two bathrooms, two sitting rooms, double office space, an open plan kitchen and scullery and a large entertainment area which lead onto a sprawling patio with four garages, a laundry, garden room and the gardener's toilet and shower behind this. My compact garden made up the rest of the 3700m property which we'd owned and lived in for the past 16 years. 

I know people downsize; in a farming community like Marquard we saw many of our friends (and earlier years, their parents) leave the farm and move into town. Marquard has the beautifully neat and safe retirement village which is ideal for a couple who want to retire to a smaller place. 

Grant and I didn't move house; we stored all our furniture and possessions (that which I didn't give away) up the road from our old house and moved to the Drakensberg, to John and Debbie's property overlooking the beautiful Champagne Valley. 

In the middle of October, we loaded the four cats and two dogs (something we couldn't have done if we'd moved into the retirement center) into the back of the pick-up. We packed our personal belongings and here we are.

And how happy we are! 

As I've posted several times, Grant' s health has improved hundredfold. We've taken to the quiet and "aloneness" of living out here. The dogs and I have clocked up several dozen kilometers in walking the veld. 

So, yes, we had to downsize and pack up our life of 45 years marriage. 

We are pleased we did.
Grant and Skabenga walking along the servitude [road] on Sunday morning

Eddie who's young for her age, has an even longer lease on life, it seems
A morning perk on my walk with the dogs
Just one of the beautiful views from our rondawel

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I hope you're having a wonderful day.


  1. A big move and decision butobviously the right one for both of you adn the animals

  2. Indeed your world looks beautiful ! A real holiday paradise !

  3. I admire them very much.
    They have probably dated the right step.
    You have to enjoy life as you think it is right.
    The beautiful photos prove it.
    So it was good!
    Warm greetings from Germany
    Stopping by from " OWT "

  4. Yes, yes, yes!!!
    I can see why you two are so happy with your relocating!!
    I would be too.

  5. It is SUCH a beautiful setting, Jo! How blessed you and Grant are to spend your days in such solitude and beauty. I know in my times in such places it has a restorative and healing effect on my body and on my spirit.

    Happy 3 month Anniversary and many more to come!

  6. you gave up your beautiful home, but now you have an even larger home, all that beautiful space to live in outdoors. no need to have a big home when all you do is sleep in it.. a tiny home with huge outdoor spaces and all of you are so much healthier now. beauty and exercise and all those animals to love and care for... so glad you are happy there

  7. Glad things worked out well for you and your husband!

  8. So, is your new home circle-shaped or octagonal?
    My hobby is drawing house plans (which will never be used) just because I like to do it. I just do houses that will (a) fit the footprint of our present home, and (b) fit my graph paper. Obviously not serious architecture.
    I couldn't resist looking up "rondavel" online and when I finish this comment, I plan to wander through a website that claims to have hundreds of designs for round and octagonal houses.
    It's a hobby. It keeps me out of trouble, and makes me happy.
    I'm so glad you and Grant are happy, too. Wonderful for you to be close to your family.
    Keep us posted!

  9. A very good decision and such beauty around you.


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