Thursday, January 12, 2017

Clearing the servitude

On Tuesday, the task was to clear the servitude of brambles, nettles and thistles. With all the recent rains, these weeds had thrived and needed to be eradicated. 

Namusa and Thandiwe started by chopping each weed off at the roots. There were many.
Exiting the gate onto the servitude

Namusa starts to chop out the weeds 
The dogs were thrilled to have another walk - their fourth that day! 

After lunch, Namusa mixed the Roundup and water solution into two 16 liter backpack sprayers. She and I loaded another two 25 liter containers of water onto the back of Grant's vehicle as well as the neat Roundup in its container. 

She and I walked up the servitude carrying the 16 liter backpacks. Thandiwe followed. When we reached the beginning of the weed infestation (about 250m from home), I helped Thandiwe strap the container to her back and walked along with her to spray the offenders. Namusa, who's physically very strong, had already started to spray her side of the road. 

After a while the container became too heavy for Thandiwe, so I carried it for her while she dispensed of the liquid. Grant followed with the pick-up truck and drove along to the end of the road which is 700m long.

When Thandiwe's container was half full she said she'd manage to the end. Skabenga, Eddie and I walked to meet up with Grant. Namusa was almost finished on her side of the road. 

I loaded Eddie onto the back of the vehicle. We have tried, unsuccessfully, to cajole Skabenga onto the back. But he starts barking and chasing his tail. I don't know why he's so afraid of riding on a vehicle as every dog we've ever owned, LOVES a ride. 

When the ladies had completely sprayed the weeds along the edges, Namusa and I refilled both back packs with the Roundup solution and loaded them onto the back of the pick-up. We'd left the tail-gate down and the three of us ladies settled ourselves on this, and Grant set off slowly. Skabenga followed at a sedate trot. 

With me working the pump and Thandiwe spraying the contents, and Namusa doing the same, we applied the mixture onto the middle section of the road. 

Finally we arrived at the front gate and we ladies jumped off the pick-up. Grant drove in and around to the side of the house, where Namusa and I removed the back packs and water containers and stored them for another day. 

I don't have photos of the actual weed-eradication as I couldn't help Thandiwe with the dispensing and take photos. Last night I felt that my back, neck and arm muscles were strained.

All in a day's work on the farm! 


  1. Sounds like hard work. The good part is all the lovely scenery as you are working :-)

  2. Hello, that does sound like hard work. Skabenga just wants to play. The scenery is pretty. Enjoy your day!

  3. That is a lot of very very hard work. Unfortunately I would not be able to carry any of that even a 2 liter bottle of Coke is all I can do to pick it up. But I could drop the truck haha

  4. Hi Jo. Well after your questions, I must ask. What exactly is a servitude? As to your own questions. Shooters are literally shooters who take guns out to the marsh to shoot ducks and geese (and goodness knows what else), for sport and some for eating or feeding to their gundogs.

    farmers do not want large flocks of geese because they contaminate the grass that is meant for the farmer's sheep and cattle (income). I agree, if we kill the natural predators, the predated will have a field day. Its called, I think, a natural balance.

  5. Yes I was going to ask the same wuestion as Phil above. Hard work.


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