Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Parkrun News

On Saturday, Grant and I drove to the venue to take part in the weekly Parkrun event. I always have my camera and with this I'm getting to know several regulars.
 People gather around in the sun 
Our friend, Anthony arrives and greets the ladies
The valley's vivacious beauty therapist, Jessica, and her two children
A fluffy four-legged participant
Anthony's brother, John (green hat) and Grant chat. The gentleman gazing downwards is 86 years old and regularly does the Parkrun
Serious contenders warm up for the run
I just managed to snap these two lively dogs 
The starter, Diane, reminds us of the rules 
And we're off! 

This week I thought I might challenge myself to better my time of 50min 2 secs last week. 
At the 1km marker I checked the time: 10 minutes! 
Turning around, I quickly snapped these people behind me
I try to take in the scenery as well as walk
At the 2km marker, nine minutes had elapsed since the first marker
Another beautiful scene of the first dam with the Drakensberg mountains in the background
I took 10 minutes reach this 3km marker

As I mentioned last week, reaching this 4km marker below, is always a reason to rejoice! 
At 4km I checked my time: 10 minutes
These young parents had finished and ran back to meet their two young sons
I was behind the young dad carrying his youngest when we approached the finish (9 minutes from the 4km marker)

As I presented my bar-coded card to be clocked in, I asked the official what my time was:



I'd managed shave off 1 minute and 59 seconds from my time last week. (See how honest I am? I could have said two minutes! LOL!)
Anthony clocks in about a minute after me

Once I'd had a cup of cold water, I walked back up the track. I saw Anthony haring off again (is there no end to this old man?) and meeting up with the 86 year-old who was coming along the last kilometer. Not far behind them, I caught Grant and John on camera.
Anthony and Alan Leggart 
Grant clocked in at 1hour and 16 minutes - three minutes faster than last week ! John and Anthony coming up behind Grant
A young Jack Russel ran the walk with his mistress

As usual, this was a lovely day of fun and healthy exercise. 

I'm linking to Our World Tuesday here


  1. What a nice event to join with friends, Jo. And you did well!!

  2. Hello JO, it is great seeing all these wonderful people out for the run or walk. My feet hurt too much for running but I can do a brisk walk. I love all the dogs and scenery! Congrats on your good finish time. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  3. WHOO HOO!on the improved time and this is so awesome, exercise, photo opps and most of all meeting and talking with people.. wish I were there

  4. Wow, I'm so impressed, Jo. And it's easy to recognize Grant! Hugs to both of you, and hug a dog or two, too.
    Love, K


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