Monday, January 2, 2017


Last month I saw a friend post on Facebook about taking part in a Parkrun event in Johannesburg. I thought it was a fundraising event being held in the December holidays. 

Shortly after that, Grant had been visiting our farmer friend, Anthony who said we should join the weekly walk held on the way to nearby Winterton.  

I was thrilled when we arrived last week and saw that it was the Parkrun that I'd read about rather than a fun walk/run. Last week I posted about us taking part in our first Parkrun (and registering online when we got home) and how Grant had completed his first 5km walk within an hour-and-a-half. He walked with 75 year-old Anthony while I walked with a new friend, Gill; we made it within the hour. 

People walk with young children, pushing babies in prams and with dogs on leashes. 
 This Jack Russell loves his Saturday walk 
This poodle is sniffing a young lady's
 leg ...

There are strict rules about where you may or may not walk and the organizers and volunteers enforce these 

This week I saw Gill in the crowd but as I had decided to take photos this time, I was in the front row when we set off. 
The country Parkrun such as ours, is done on a farm. You are not permitted to walk on the main road (to the left of this photo) even if you have to walk through mud up to your knees
You are not permitted to cut across the farmer's soya fields no matter how tempting! 
Once I'd walk around the soya field, I turned around to photograph walkers behind me. I zoomed in on Grant and Anthony
Another backward glance at the walkers behind me. Friend Gill is in the front of this group 

At the 2km mark, I was joined by a friendly lady who introduced herself as Corina. She had been brought up in the Drakensberg but was born in Arusha, Tanzania! 
I loved the reflection of the walkers/runners 
The views all along the walk are spectacular

I clocked in at the end within the hour again; I forgot to ask! I should see my results (and whether I improved my times when I receive my first e-mail this week)

I walked back to the road to watch the people coming in. 
Mum pushing the pram; older brother holding his baby sister

Dad carrying his baby while Mum pushes the empty pram! 
I zoomed in on Grant and Anthony 
Grant at the finish, having completed his second 5km Parkrun! He and Anthony improved their times by 30 minutes this week! 

Here's wishing you all a wonderful year, 2017 and a great Monday! 


  1. It's a lovely path to walk through. I always find I can walk much better when there is springy earth beneath my feet and I can "touch" the ground.

  2. It sounds like a fun thing to do and healthy. There are a lt of participants too. Pretty scenes along the way as well

  3. fantastic you did it again... and wow on improving by 30 minutes. I love the photo of them walking side by side. what a fun way to exercise. wish I could walk it with you

  4. I love this whole concept, and the scenery is awesome. To get together like this, walk, and make new friendships. My kinda life style!!!

  5. Way to go, Grant! Proud of you!
    Love, Kay


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