Sunday, May 30, 2010

Farms on the Nile

Whenever we travel from our flat in Omdurman to the city of Khartoum, we cross the Nile via Shambat bridge. 

The vegetable farms along the riverbanks are neat and well-maintained.  (The five-star Burj Al Fateh hotel can be seen in the background.)
I'm waiting for my photo permit. (Indiscreet photographing, especially on the bridge,  is frowned upon in Khartoum) Once I have this, I intend to stand on the pedestrian walkway in the middle of the bridge and have a photofest!  At the moment have to be satisfied with taking photos from a moving vehicle.
Goats, tended by elderly goatherds, keep the weeds under control

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  1. Beautiful scenery, Jo.... I'll be the land around the Nile is very fertile.... It all looks so green. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Jo. Sorry I am so scare but I hope to be back to "normal" in a few weeks time when I have the bulk of my prject finished. :)

  3. I can't imagine seeing the Nile in "real" time. It's such a mystery of ancient times. You have captured beautifully amazing scenery. I so hope to see this with my own eyes someday!

  4. What a beautiful place. beautiful photos as always, Jo. Thank you for sharing

  5. So it's really true Jo that farms along Nile River are lush are plump... hope you can get your photo permit already .... so yu can explore more..

  6. Hope you get permit soon.

  7. Het nie eers geweet van iets soos 'n foto permit nie (behalwe in sekuriteits plekke). Sien uit na al jou foto's as jy dit het!
    (Moet jy as joernalis aansoek doen vir die permit?)
    (Het jy e-pos foto gekry?)

  8. Hi Betsy;) it is very lush and fertile along the Nile.

    Hi Joan;) hope to see you soon again. All the best with your project.

    Hi Carolyn;)yes, there is always something new and modern with the old! Thanks for popping in,

    Hi Eden;) thanks...

    Hi Gaelyn;) So do I then I can take photos while STANDING on one the many bridges which span the Nile here in Khartoum!

    Hi Ida;) Ek het al ervaar dat mense (Oues gewoonlik) 'n vinger na my wys as ek die kamera mik. (Nie hier nie maar in Mali en Guinea) Nou is manlief baie senuweeagtig en sal eers ontspan as ek 'n permit het. Ja, ek wys nie eens my kamera as 'n polisieman of sekuriteitsmens sien nie! Dankie, ek het die foto gekry en jou ge-epos. Liefjou xxx

  9. Wow...having to apply for a photo permit! That must be tough. Can't wait for your photofest. Enjoy the week.

  10. what is that white building in the back ground. The roof is not symmetrical.


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