Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Khartoum Carpentry

Last month I did a post on our war against dust in our apartment. You can read about this here. He commissioned our good neighbour, Mohamed to buid two doors for the indoor stairs. Read here if you wish

Mohamed, true to his excellent reputation as a carpenter, took a week to complete our doors; that is without working over weekend.  Mid-last week, he and a helper carried the doors across the street from his workshop. They came into our courtyard through our back gate, up the stairs and set to work.

By the end of that day he'd hung both doors.  The next morning he returned to make some minor adjustments and for the finishing touches.

Viola! Two doors closing out the dust and keeping in the cool air

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  1. Nice job. This should make life more comfortable.

  2. You are fortunate to have such a handy neighbor, he did a great job. I'm sure it will make a big difference keeping the sand out.

  3. Wonderful! You have some nice looking doors there thanks to your neighbour Mohammed. I sure hope they work well for you. I think dust storms like those where you are can get into the tiniest of cracks but it will help immensely to have the big openings closed off, and as you say, the doors will also help keep cool air in which is what you need.

  4. Wonderful workmanship, Jo - and so quick, too ! I'm sure you will notice a huge difference with keeping cool air in and dust out :) I also just wanted to say that your new blog header photo is lovely ....

  5. what an interesting place to live, we were in west africa teaching for a while years ago, and i just love all of africa, was born there.

  6. The "joys" of living in a foreign country - well at least it looks like you're having fun!! Love your header image Joy!
    Gena D
    Thinking Aloud

  7. That should make things a whole lot better. How handy to have such a talented neighbour.

  8. Thanks Gaelyn;) it has made the flat much cleaner and cooler.

    Hi Sunny;) his workmanship is excellent and I hardly new he was here!

    Thanks Joyful;) it is a lot better. 100% in fact.

    Hi Lynda;) thanks for popping in and your kind comment. This is the sun every morning this week!

    Hi Soulbrush;) welcome to my blog. We lived in West Africa for ten years. I'll pop over to your blog shortly.

    Hi GinaD;) good to see you. How is South Africa? Preparing for the word cup? Thanks for popping in

    Hi diane;) I'll say it does. Mohamed is such a good neighbour and helps me with many other things as well.

  9. What a great neighbor! And what a marvelous job he did! Bet it will make a big difference and make your life much more comfortable! Have a great week, Jo!


  10. Hi Jo, You do have a very nice and a very talented neighbor. Mohamed does great work.

    Is that glass at the top of those doors??? NEAT....

    Now --you can stay cool and keep the dust out. Yeah Rah!!!


  11. Hi Jo! It is so interesting to see how things ar done in your country. Looks like your neighbor is a good carpenter. Your header shot is stunning! (Thanks I'm feeling better; one more surgery to go)

  12. does your friendly neighbour know that you are posting his photos?

    My husband used to be a handy man for my neighbor who lived by herself.

  13. It's great that you have found such a marvelous carpenter in Khartoum. It looks like he did a superior job.


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