Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy birthday, dear Yvonne!

Over the past few months I've posted about the special times I spent with Yvonne while in South Africa. You can read about these here and here. Please do click on these links to read about what a very special friend Yvonne is.

This wonderful lady doesn't spend her days rocking in a chair on her porch, complaining about the state of the country or today's youth. No, Yvonne is a highly intelligent and very interesting person, who apart from managing her home, garden and business affairs, bakes a mean (read delicious!) chocolate cookie. She is also involved in the community and social network which is so unique to a small town.

Yvonne enjoying her computer to the fullest (Photo credit: Ida from South Africa)

Today she is also  is skilled in computer communications. Yvonne Skypes and e-mails her family and friends all over the world, and is in regular contact with her only daughter, Sheryl in Melbourne,  Australia.  I'm always thrilled to receive a mail or Skype call from Yvonne. She, along with another dear friend, "Ida from South Africa", keeps me in touch with our home town, Marquard.  Yvonne stays up-to-date with my life here in Khartoum by following my blog. (Thank you, Yvonne) 

As I said, a skilled computer lady!

At the beginning of the year, I had an article published in the provincial newspaper about Yvonne learning to use the computer at her age. Ida, once again, helped by taking the photos in my absence.



  1. Happy Birthday to your special friend, Yvonne. Your friend, Ida, is also my friend. I received the neatest e-card from Ida this weekend wishing me well--due to my horrible knee problem. That card meant so much to me. Ida's a nice nice lady--just like YOU.

    Have a great day tomorrow. It's a big holiday for the USA...

  2. I hope Yvonne has a very wonderful birthday! She is in very good company, my nephews birthday was the 28 May!

  3. Happy Birthday to Yvonne. It's so wonderful to see seniors on the go and learning new things.

  4. Happy Birthday to Yvonne from Tucson, Arizona! So glad to know about this very inspiring lady who loves to be active and learning all the time. Computers are wonderful for keeping in touch. :)

  5. Yvonne was a very busy lady today with LOTS of friends visiting!

    Sy het gesê sy sal die inskrywing môre lees, wat sy het rêrig nie tyd vir die rekenaar vandag nie. Sy waardeer dit baie dat jy aan haar dink vandag!

  6. Thanks Betsy;) Yvonne will check the blog tomorrow and see all the lovely wishes. Hope your knee is soon improved. Hope you had a wonderful holiday today.

    Hi Grant, my sister's birthday is 28 May. Happy birthday to your nephew. (PS It's good to see you again!

    Hi Joyful;) it's so true. They're the ones who remain positive and mentally healthy too.

    Hi Diane;) Thanks for wishes for Yvonne. I'm sure she'll be online tomorrow. Once again, congratulations on becoming a grandma!

    Hi Ida;) thanks for the info. Dankie vriendin. Ek kon sien sy was vandag gladnie aanlyn nie. Ek wens ek was daar vir haar verjaarsdag! Liefde. Jo

  7. She sounds like a wonderful person. Glad she is so active, not computer illiterate, keeping up with the latest tech. I just wrote about generation gap in my blog about how older generation refuses to learn and keep up. I couldn't even get my mum or my mother-in-law to touch the p.c let alone read my blog.

  8. Happy Birthday to Yvonne. So nice to have such special friends. And to be able to keep up with what's happening on the home front.


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