Monday, May 24, 2010

Khartoum Heat and Banana Splits

These past two weeks the temperature in Khartoum has been in the fifties /122 ° Farenheit (more about this in tomorrow's post).

Last night, following  another particularly hot day, I decided to serve a refreshing dessert after dinner. I paged through my weigh-loss magazine (now almost three months old!) and came across an old-fashioned sweet, albeit always a firm favorite in hotels when I was a child.

I always have a bunch of bananas in the house , mainly as a treat for the bulbuls who visit our birdfeeder on the balcony daily, and because they are only SDG1 / US$.43c for a dozen. I didn't have cherries, but used halved grapes which were just as delicious.

Sweet and simple banana split (Weigh-less magazine Feb/March 2010)
Serves 2
200g diet ice-cream
2 small bananas, peeled
4 black grapes (or cherries if available)
20g crushed almonds
2 ginger biscuits, crushed 
10ml honey

Cut the banana in half lengthwise and place in a serving bowl. (I used tumblers)
Place ice-cream between the two banana halves
Cover with crushed biscuit and almonds
Drizzle honey over
Serve immediately

Serves 2


  1. Sounds delicious, Jo. That low-cal dessert sounds wonderful on such a hot day... GOSH--that is REALLY hot. I complain when it gets up to 80 degrees (F) here. haha

    P.S. I read where honey and cinnamon are really good for us.

  2. It sure does get hot there. Puts our hot days to shame but it does get hot enough for me here. I do hope you have enough cool air in the apartment. Your banana split looks delicious and simple to make.

  3. You are making me drool. I absolutely love ice cream, but never think of it as a low diet desert.

    That is unbearably Hot! I'd be swimming in the ice cream. ;-)

  4. With weather as hot as that, I'd say that you'd more than earned your banana split, Jo ! lol ... how clever to use grapes instead of cherries (& healthier, too !). I also remember this iced treat from my childhood ... I think it was considered very 'chic' in 1970's Rhodesia !

  5. Between you and Diane, you have really made me hungry this morning Jo. :)

  6. Maybe I should try that here too. It's so hot, the temperature is 93 degrees (F).

  7. Sounds lovely - even in the winter!!

  8. Thanks Everyone;) I'm running late with my comments but I'm glad all enjoyed reading my recipe. Do try it - it's really easy and SOOO tasty. (Yes, Lynda, hotels in Rhodesia in my childhood - late 50's yikes! had this dessert on their menus.) I will visit all your blogs soon. (((hugs))) Jo

  9. Wow, your temps are really hot!
    The cool desert looks delicious.

  10. I cannot even imagine the temp being 122 degrees. Do you have air conditioning? I would stay inside all the time in that kind of heat!

  11. About the honey whole wheat rolls: I grind the wheat with my electric grain mill and make the dough in my breadmaker. I turn it off just before the bake cycle, dump out the dough, cut it into 18 pieces and brush them with butter. Then I bake them in my oven. The breadmaker saves lots of time and effort!

    Your banana splits look delectable for a 122 degree day! All the dishes you create look delectable.


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