Monday, May 17, 2010


I noticed this strange sign at a lift in the building where my dentist has his rooms. My dentist, like so many professionals in the city,  has his consulting rooms in an old residential building. However, the interior of his rooms are modern and professional. See here.

Oh, and this post reminds me. I'm off to see him again tonight for the next step in my root canal procedure...


  1. I think I'd take the stairs.

  2. Hi Jo, I couldn't quite make out the sign as the words are cut off. I hope the next step of the root canal is painless.

  3. "Huh" is right Jo.... Don't know how safe that elevator is!!!!! ha....

    Good Luck at the dentist....

    Love your header.

  4. I do, Gaelyn! No way I get into that lift...

    Hi Joyful;) thanks for the encouragement.

    Hi Betsy;) Yes, we don't use it at all. Thanks, re the header photo. I'm using every opportunity to try out different features and settings on my Powershot. Not always successful! Bless you my friend.

  5. Maybe the sign means 3 people without luggage or 1-3 people with luggage. Hmmm...sounds pretty sketchy. I agree with Gaelyn--I'd take the stairs.

  6. LOL Pat! I think it's a direct tranlation from Arabic and something has been lost in this! Thanks for popping in.


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