Sunday, May 9, 2010

Knysna Keys

I snapped this photo from a boat while sailing on the Knysna Lagoon (South Western Cape) in South Africa during March.

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  1. What a far out catamaran. I would have loved to sail on that gorgeous Knysna Lagoon.

  2. You have such an interesting life! I love catching up on your blog...good luck with the Arabic lessons!

  3. Sailing on the lagoon sounds like a relaxing thing to do.Nice shot.

  4. Very scenic! I would love to be there...spend some time relaxing.

    Happy Mother's Day Dear. Bless you my dear. I am so glad that you're learning quite fast with arabic language. Mabrook!

  5. You would have liked the lagoonm=, Gaeyn.

    Thanks Linnea;) good to see you again.

    Hi diane;) it must be so relaxing...

    Thanks Misalyn;)

  6. It must have been wonderful sailing on a lagoon :)
    That is one awesome boat!

  7. Great looking catamaran. I love the idea sailing around on it.

  8. Hi Jo, We're home from the beach --and I'll post in the morning. Had a wonderful time --but it's nice to be home.

    One of my sons is visiting me on my 'special' day (Mother's Day) today!!!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful day. Love your little birdie post.

  9. I love boats! Rrrr matey...
    nice shot...

  10. Great looking catamaran. I really miss my sailboat.
    Happy Mother's Day to you Jo.
    Sunny :)

  11. Nice catamaran! Happy Mother's Day Jo :-)

  12. Hi Cat;) welcome to my blog! It is fun on a lagoon as pretty as the Knysna one. I will visit your blog soon...

    Hi Vicki;) we were on a speed boat (going slowly!) but this is must be fun too. Thanks for visiting.

    Hi Betsy;) welcome home! WONDERFUL your son visited you. What a blessing. We have mum-in-law down in Durban - SA. MD was yesterday and tomorrow is her 81st birthday. Have arranged surprise gift to be delivered to her. Glad you had a great time at the beach. (((Hugs))) Jo

    Thanks Mike!

    Hi Sunny;) did you sail your own boat? Wow.

    Hi Joyful;) thanks - I had a wonderful Mother's Day. Sons phoning from South Africa, daughter's - in - law skyping. Blessed, eh? Hope you had a good day. (((Hugs))) Jo


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