Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Family Fun

I know I said I'd post about Khartoum and the extreme temperatures today in That's My World Tuesday, but recent family events won out this time.  On Sunday I posted about the early arrival of our fifth grandchild who was born many miles from "home". Mother and baby are doing well and should be discharged today.

Last week, a day before John and family travelled to the Cape to sell their vehicle, John entertained the children on the patio of our home in the Free State where they were spending a few weeks. As the Hedges (old to young) love motorbikes, it was time to take the littlest granddaughter, fourteen months old, for her first bike ride. Her two older siblings, quite at home on the 50cc PeeWee watch as dad settles the little one on the seat before him. (Note: I alter clear front-facing photos of the children to avoid exposing them to unsavoury characters which may access my blog via Internet)

Great excitement and mirth for ALL!

The second - to - youngest baby in John's family smiles toothily for the camera. (This photo was taken over the weekend in the Guest house in George)  She doesn't remember,  but a little over a year ago she was as tiny as her baby brother photographed above

Fun on the beach in George, Western Cape. Anyone thinking of visiting South Africa should do a tour of the Garden Route, along which George and a number of beautiful  towns and villages are situated.

Mmn, is the roughage Gran is always on about in your diet... 

Thanks to Klaus, Sandy, Wren, Fishing Guy (Tom), and Sylvia this meme which allows me to share MY world. For other people's worlds click here.


  1. Congratulations on the latest grandchild!! Such a precious photo! And your dimpled granddaughter is adorable! What a lovely, happy family you have! How could you not have a beautiful world with such lovely children and grandchildren! Have a wonderful week, Jo!


  2. Very cute kids. With them around it is fun and happy time.

  3. Such a beautiful, loving and happy family. Soon Elijah and Debz will be home.

    The garden route is spectacular. I stayed one night in George.

  4. Thanks Jim:)

    Thanks Sylvia;) they are precious, aren't they. And it's a good indication of the family's unity and happiness when you see such joy on our little granddaughter's face. Have a wonderful week, too Sylvia.

    Hi Rajesh;) good to see you again. Thanks for the visit and comment.

    Hi Gaelyn;) they should be out of the clinic today and on their way home shortly. I feel for Debz post operation and a tiny baby on such a long journey. At least John is with her, which has not always been the case. George and the Garden Province is amazing. I'm glad you stayed over there.

  5. Congrats Jo. Such blessings!
    Wonderful world and post.
    Have a great week.

  6. Congratulations, Jo, on the arrival of your fifth grandchild! He looks good for being 10 days early. Your littlest granddaughter is absolutely adorable. What a heart-melting smile she has!

  7. Happy smiling children - makes me smile too - great family shots :)

  8. Love the new Larger photos!! Aren't they great?!
    Congrats on the new addition...precious!

  9. Your grand children are really your world Jo!Beautiful photos of them enjoying life and the new baby is adorable.

  10. Hi Jo, Great pictures of the family ---having a good time at your home. All of the grands are just gorgeous....

    Thanks for sharing.


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