Sunday, May 23, 2010

Curry is doing well

Every Friday I accompany Grant to the old workshop to help feed Curry. I always take photos of him to keep tabs on his condition After a month of his humans returning to Khartoum, Curry is doing very well indeed. Above he waits for the night-watchman to open the gate for us!
Curry protectively guards a huge marrow bone which was on the menu with his regular rice, meat, fish oil and tablescraps

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  1. Curry is looking very healthy. Has she taken over being the company guard dog?

  2. Curry is looking SO much better---thanks to you. You do have a special place in your heart for God's little critters, don't you, Jo????? That is so NEAT.

    How are the birds?

  3. Curry is looking fit and fine. Who fed her while you and Grant were away in South Africa?

  4. Hi Gaelyn;) Curry is thriving! I suppose the more he trusts us (and ultimately the workers who are taking more notice of him these days) he may take up the position of company guard dog.

    Hi Betsy;) Thanks, Grant and I both love animals, have six cats and three dogs at home in South Africa and now feeding two stray cats in our courtyard plus Curry across town - and of course the new baby cat. The birds are doing really well. One week down, two to go.

    Hi Joyful;) Grant's 2IC and technician feeds Curry in our absence. He feeds him every day too, and Curry never refuses!

  5. hey curry the linkz is up now! so do come over and link up your post with your thumbnail pic!!

    Woof woof
    from Bozo
    Pet Pride

  6. Glad to see that Curry is thriving.
    Your kitten is very pretty but your grandson - oh my! How tiny he is - you'll all find that hard to believe when he's a strapping six-footer . . .

  7. Curry is looking very good. He's so lucky to have you!
    ☼ Sunny


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