Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Mum

This week a very special lady celebrated her birthday. Pam, Grant's mum turned 81 yesterday.

You can see how young at heart my mum-in-law is by clicking here
Debbie with Pam last year at a surprise family luncheon held in honour of her 80th!

Happy Birthday Mum!


  1. I love the vintage photo. she does seem to be a special lady. I followed the link to the wedding shots...very nice.

  2. Happy Birthday, Pam.. Wow---that's neat that she has found love again at age 80.... She obviously is very young-at-heart... And --what a pretty lady she is!!!!


  3. Carol, she was 24 in the old photo. What a beauty! Thanks for visiting.

    Hi Betsy;) yes, we're thrilled Pam found Graham who's younger than her and is very good for and to her. (((Hugs))) Jo

  4. Happy Birthday Pam! Love can find us no matter our age.

  5. She is a beautiful woman through the ages and young at heart too. Happy Birthday to her.

  6. What a great old/young lady. Getting married at eighty she sure is special. Happy birthday to Pam.

  7. Happy Birthday to her too. She didn't change much compare to the old photo. Still looks lovely as before. Just blog hopping. Wish everyone a lovely week ahead.

  8. She was a pretty woman,but still looks very good !

  9. She is a lovely woman,and very elegant, thanks for the weeding link, it's all about love!
    Also thanks for your gentle visit and kind words that you left in our Bonjour Luxembourg!
    Your blog is wonderful!


  10. She is a very beautiful woman. Happy birthday!

  11. Happy Birthday to Pam!!

  12. What a lovely photo...and she is beautiful!....belated happy birthday to your mom...

    Greetings from Sweden


  13. Gaelyn;) you are so right about love...

    Hi Joyful;) thanks for the kind wishes for Pam

    Hi diane;) yes, MIL definitely believes in tomorrow to get married at such an age!

    Hi Aries;) welcome to my blog. Hope to see you again.

    Hi Gattina;) yes, MIL has been tiny and lovely all the years I've known her.

    Hi Ceza and Leia;) thanks for your kind words about Pam

    Thanks Lori;) thanks Donna. MIL would be thrilled to know all the kindness today. I'll pass it on to her.

    Hi Khim;) good to meet you. I'll pop onto your blog shortly.

  14. She looks like a wonderful lady who knows how to enjoy life. She was beautiful then... and still is!

  15. Belated Happy Birthday Pam! May you have many many more birthdays to come. She is a sweet and pretty lady.

  16. Happy Birthday belated. She is one gorgeous mum.


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