Monday, May 10, 2010

Parenting Problems

These two feral pigeons seem to be in a deep discussion
Do you think it's about their youngster who is learning to fly?


  1. Thats funny.You have a good imagination. Good shots.

  2. I think it is never easy to let our ones fledge, yet very rewarding.

  3. Thanks diane;) I'm steadily working through my programs and functions on my camera.

    Hi Gaelyn;) I can remember having empty nest syndrome when my younger son voluntarily left home. I couldn't BELIEVE he wanted to leave his mom!

  4. Hi Jo, I'm always amazed at what a great job our birds do training their young... We humans need to learn from them, don't we???

    Great pictures!

    Have a wonderful day.

  5. The best thing my parents did was to teach me how to fly... a nessessary skill! It was the landings that I had trouble with...

  6. Hi Betsy;) Welcome back.

    Ha-ha Mike SO true! It's easy to fly - it's the decisions about where to land OR the difficulty/danger of this action.


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