Friday, May 28, 2010

My sister Rose

Today's post is dedicated to my sister, Rose

Living in a high-rise flat in Khartoum, I don't have a real rose. I downloaded the above photo from the Internet. Yet this bloom, although beautiful, doesn't do justice to it's namesake, my sister, Rose.

The photos (top: me, Grant and a cousin, and cousin, Rose and Grant :above) were taken in 1969. Rose and I wore the same clothes from toddlers to when I got married in 1972! She and I were always together, even when Grant and I were courting!

Rose, or Rosemary, as she prefers to be called (I have sisterly priveleges and may shorten her name, lol!) and I are only 14 months apart. I was the age of my little granddaughter (whose photo has appeared in two posts this week,) when Rose was born. From the day I saw my baby sister, I was never jealous of her; I never felt threatened by the new baby.  On the contrary, as we grew up, I would have taken on any one who threatened our close relationship. Today we are continents apart; I'm in North Africa while Rose lives in the UK with her husband, Peter but we are on Skype and e-mail contact almost daily.
Rose holds a dynamic position with a high-profile company in the UK. She works online from early morning until late evening and is an important cog in the wheels of this company's sales team. She is also the grandmother of eight children under six. Her only daughter and husband had triplets (girls) and her oldest son and his wife had twin boys in the same year; all by natural conception - no fertililty drugs. Rose has three single granddaughters as well, one each in the multiple baby families and one from her second son. All as beautiul as their grandmother!

My prayer is that one day (soon) Rose and Peter will return to the country of their birth, South Africa. I believe it will coincide with the time when Grant and I return to South Africa permanently as well. Then I get to see my sister a lot more regularly.

Happy birthday Rose! May you be blessed with many more years of health and happiness and a few more grands...

Edited Note: Although Rose is a staunch follower of my blog she is unable to comment on it. No matter what she tries: her own ID, Anonymous, etc, she cannot post a comment on my blog. Any suggestions from readers out there will be most welcome. She Skyped me this morning with the following comment:

 Hi Jo!!!! Thank you so much! Can't wait to check the blog and mail - don't know how I'd face life without you somewhere in the world!!!! My tiny big sister!!!!!!! love you too!!!

[09:34:37 AM] Rosemary Swinbourn: Thank you SO much for the Blog Jo! I am so emotional about it!!! Can remember the day that picture was taken at Andre's house!!! And yes, I pray too, that we move back and soon!!!! Can't tell you what your words have meant to me, Jo!!!!!!


  1. What a great tribute to your sister. She is, indeed, as lovely as her namesake flower.
    Funny that you wore identical clothes. You were obviously very close, and it's wonderful to that deep connection to a sibling.

  2. A wonderful tribute to your sister, and best wishes to her for a very Happy Birthday!
    ☼ Sunny

  3. Happy Birthday to Rose.... I will have SIX roses from our yard on my blog tomorrow ..... Tell Rose to check my blog... She'll love them!!!!!!

    Hope they do move back to South Africa sometime--so that you two can spend time together.

  4. Delightful birthday wish to sister Rose. Such wonderful memories to share.

  5. A lovely tribute to your sister Rose. You are obviously very close and I hope one day you will live close by again. Happy Birthday Rose.

  6. What a wonderful relationship you share with Rose even though you're both thousands of miles apart! Regarding her difficulty in trying to leave comments...I wonder if she needs to disable the "pop up feature" on her computer. Sometimes that prevents you from viewing pop ups like your comment screen. Don't know though...just a thought. Thanks for stopping by at my ruby Tuesday post. Have a great day. We finally have some sunshine after all the freakish rainfall!

  7. Happy Birthday to Rose!

    Jo, Tell her to create a blog on Blogspot...Doesn't have to be something she post to everyday but, It SHOULD then, enable her to comment without any more problems on Your blog...

    She SHOULD be able to comment under the Anonymous tab...Oh well, tell her to try the above...

  8. I agree with Janie--This is a wonderful tribute to your sister, Jo! Happy birthday, Rose...May you have many, many more, and some day be able to live close to Jo.

    I love the old photos from 1979. Wow, you and Grant go way back.

    Maybe if Rose would create a blogspot website she might be able to comment on your blog.

  9. Thanks everyone for your kind wishes. Rose has read them all and is so touched by my blogger friend's kindness. She has a blog spot but perhaps she has to disable pop-ups. I'll tell her - thanks for all helping out! She's had a wonderful day. Bless you all! Jo

  10. oopps! Am I late for the greetings? Please extend my greetings to Rose - I love the way how you treat each other.


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