Sunday, May 16, 2010

Khartoum budgies are expecting

Sweetpea's first egg only just visible in the nest

With all the pregnant ladies, newborn babies and expected babies this year, our budgies decided not to be outdone. On Friday Sweetpea lay one egg in the morning and another by lunchtime. I am not able to get very good photos of the eggs as she is sitting on them most of the time. I also don't want to cause her to throw them out of the nest without reason.

Two eggs are visible as she moves them around in the nest
On Saturday Sweetpea had laid three eggs and refuses to let us see any of them!
Rambo has taken up a guard position at the nest
Oh I know, I'm not just a handsome fellow; I'm clever too...

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  1. Congrats Grandma.... More babies on the way.... Will you have to have a bigger cage?????


  2. This is exciting. I could just barely see the egg(s). Good for them for being protective. Mike's doves just kept laying and eating their eggs. But I think that was 2 females. Yes I said was because one died and the other flew free. I look forward to updates.

  3. Ah, Congrats to you from all of us here in Seattle! Bet you will need to get a bigger cage!!! How fun!

    Sylvia, Sam and Mojo

  4. oh wow! that is great news!!

    Woof woof
    from Bozo
    Pet Pride

  5. Oh, how exciting for you, Jo! It will be such fun to watch the baby budgies grow up. I'll be on Baby Budgie Watch now for several weeks.

  6. Beautiful budgies! And I am sure they are good parents. I wonder if our cockatiel bird lay eggs.I think the kids would get so excited. We are thinking to get a male one because she is looking lonely sometimes.

  7. Fabulous! They're very attentive parents. I hope you don't have any thunderstorms before they're due to hatch (or is it canaries that are affected?)

  8. That is special to have them breeding in a cage. Congats to Mum and Dad humans.

  9. Thanks everyone, from the Hedges Khartoum household and from the budgie parents-to-be. We will buy a bigger cage as soon as we see that she is sitting on fertile eggs (Often a batch is not fertile)


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