Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Birding in and around Mwadui

This past week I managed to photograph several birds, not only on our weekend drive, but also while walking to pottery in the client's camp and in our own back garden!

Firstly, along the road I came across a Black-headed heron and of course, I placed my bag down in the grass, took out my camera and snapped away!
Black-headed Heron

As I started to roll my clay for the first bowl of the year, a bird call rang out which I hear regularly in my garden but haven't managed to photograph yet. I dashed outside with my camera and in a tree beside the pottery studio, there it was: 
 The Woodland Kingfisher is common resident and intra-African migrant. Here in Mwadui,  its distinctive call of "chip-chirrrrr" is one of the first bird calls in the morning and often heard last as dusk settles over Africa  

As I walked back to the pottery shed, I spotted another bird on the roof. Even though this is quite a common bird, I could not ignore the fact that the ochre-coloured eye (which was looking straight at me!) and beautiful speckles, made it a perfect photo subject.
A Speckled Pigeon

Back at the table I continued to work my clay, even getting as far as cutting out a salad bowl shape, before I heard the screeching sounds of lovebirds! Once again, I dashed outside with my camera and there they were on top of the roof of a building next door to the studio.   
 Yellow-collared Lovebird

As I watched the bird above a small flock of about six Lovebirds flew out under the eves (we're hoping they're building nests there) and into the tree behind the building. 

 A pair of Yellow-collared Lovebirds

When I got back indoors, I had lost track of what I was actually supposed to be doing with my clay bowl and had to start over again. However, even when I completed the first stage  and placed it under the plastic to set and dry, I realized that you cannot try to create something and bird-watch at the same time! It remains to be seen if I keep this bowl - I may as it will remind me of the beautiful birds I saw that day!

I must admit that I was thrilled with my photos once I downloaded them. I hope you enjoyed reading about them too. 

I'm linking this post to Wild Bird Wednesday  . Thanks Stewart for this meme which keeps me on my toes when posting about the wonderful birds I see here in East Africa.   


  1. Your world is much enriched by these feathered treasures. I particularly like the beautiful Woodland Kingfisher with its stunning emerald wings

  2. You scored on the bird photos. So many African birds show bright colors that almost glow.

    I'm counting the days. ;)

  3. Jo, great variety of birds. The heron looks a lot like our Great Blue I see here. Your Kingfisher is gorgeous, love the colors. And my favorite are the Lovebirds, they are so colorful and pretty. It would be neat if there were nesting there. Great series of birds and photos. Have a happy day!

  4. Beautiful birds! I don't think we have any of those flying around in the USA. They're lovely. I was going to pick a favorite, but I enjoyed them all.

    I frequently stay outside far longer than anticipated when just sneaking out to take a quick pic of a bird. Another bird catches my attention, then another. I hope your bowl turns out ok.

  5. Now you have nice models to do make them out of clay !
    Such colorful birds, beautiful !

  6. Jo, you have such a knack for taking bird photos! ( I guess it helps to have those colorful birds nearby.)
    Mandu ssys he hopes you clicked on the baby Panda link at the top of the page. He is getting soooo cute!)


  7. Oh, I just love seeing photos of birds from various parts of the world. You have some beautiful ones! I've also seen some very pretty and unique looking ones in Australia. Hope all is well with you and family, Jo!

  8. haa haa you had me laughing trying to pot and bird watch at the same time. Too bad if the pot doesn't turn out because your photos sure did. They are beautiful birds and photos. I love the Kingfisher simlar to our Kookaburra.

  9. Great birds - the Kingfisher is a real cracker! Cant believe that its common!!

    Thanks for the link to WBW.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne.

    PS: sorry for slow reply - I been out of internet range in Tasmania!


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