Monday, January 28, 2013

Strange Fungi in Mwadui

As I go to pottery classes in the Client's camp, I walk the short distance from home, enter their security gate and eventually arrive at the studio.

Last week, as I waited for the electric gate to open, I looked down and saw a clump of strange plants next to the road. When I returned from pottery two hours later, I stopped and photographed the phenomena. It looked like mushrooms but the plants were hard (wooden) to the touch. These plants (or growths) have emerged from the roots of a tree that was felled here a few weeks ago. 

 I've not found anyone who can shed any light on this, but of course, felt it's worthy of a post on my blog!

Strange wood-like growths around the roots of a recently felled tree

Although at first glance, these looked like giant mushrooms, they are actually hard to the touch and resemble a shiny, many-toned wood!

I hope you're all looking forward to a wonderful week.


  1. Very cool fungi. Here we call those hard kinds "conks". Some people draw on the under light side.

  2. Very intriguing indeed ! Looks actually not bad at all, better then some "Modern Art" ! Did you break one off and polish it at home ? would make a nice plate.

  3. You comment on Gaelyn's blog has me feeling very guilty. (and I wonder why people don't comment on my blog). I seem to have developed some sort of adult ADD cause I just never get around to commenting on a lot of blog other than the regulars (and I will make you a regular) and I'm even worse at replying to emails at home.

    This is a bracket fungus. They normally grow on decaying hard woods and I often see them in the Tsitsikamma.

  4. Hi Jo, I don't know the scientific name for these but they look very similar to some we have growing where I am from. Historically my people made "medicine" from them.

  5. They are weird growths. Interesting and pretty patterns but a hard texture. I had them growing on a tree root in my garden. I don't know what they are called.

  6. Wow! Have not seen anything like it!

  7. Hi Jo.
    These fungi looks interesting. They indeed look like mushrooms. We have this kind also back home in the Philippines.

    By the way, I miss visiting your blog. It has been a couple of months ago since my last visit. I hope that you're doing good and loving the way of life there in Tanzania. Regards to your hubby.


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