Monday, January 7, 2013


We have been blessed with seven beautiful grandchildren from two sons and daughters-in-law.  I thought I'd post some photos which any one of the four parents send me regularly via the Whatapp feature on my Smartphone.

Six-month-old Israel, currently the baby of the family, being held in his father's (John's)  strong arms

Ten-month-old Abby is the second child of Angus and Amanda
 Abby's older brother, Joel will be three at the end of January
Third and fourth-born to Debbie and John: Elijah, two-and-a-half and Bethany: three years and nine months old
Three-quarters of John and Debbie's family. From left Joshua (six and a half); Eryn, nine years and nine months old Bethany and Elijah

Little Israel looks more and more like his brother, Elijah every day!
Little Abby showing off her new headgear
The children enjoying the excitement of mom Debbie opening her birthday present last month
 Abby and Joel riding granddad Lourie's quad bike with their dad, Angus
Abby (with the regal wave) and Joel with mum- Amanda. The family camped in granddad, Lourie's garden at Christmas time
Joshua and Eryn (seated), Elijah and Bethany with mum-Debbie as the family camped in the Kruger National Park en route to their home/dad's workplace in Beira, Mozambique

Thank goodness for modern technology. At least Grant and I keep contact and manage to share in our families' lives as we live in Tanzania.

I hope you're all enjoying a wonderful start to a glorious new week.



  1. Jo, your grandchildren are all beautiful. I enjoyed seeing their photos. Wishing you a happy week ahead!

  2. You say it ! We are so lucky to be modern grandmas and be able to keep touch with our grandchildren through the Satelite,lol !
    Your pictures are so cute ! They all look so happy and healthy !
    I saw Toby via Skype on Sunday, but he was more interested in his train then in Grandma's face !

  3. You do have such beautiful grandchildren, Jo!! I love your photos and all of those smiling faces! Have a great week!!

  4. Thanks Jo for sharing the gorgeous photos of your grandchildren. They are ALL beautiful children... AND--they do grow so fast, don't they???


  5. As soon as I saw the first photo here, Jo, I thought, "He looks just like his brother!"
    John's family seems to be very happy, and I'm sure they're enjoying being with one another.
    Abby and Joel are also quite the pair, aren't they? I can see a glint of mischief in Abby's big blue eyes, and I'm sure she'll be a willing companion in Joel's adventures.
    I'm so happy for you and Grant.
    Luv, K

  6. JO, thank you for your visit and comment at my blog. I enjoy reading what blogging friends have to say ;-) You are very blessed with beautiful grandchildren and a loving family. I know you enjoy and appreciate every one of them. I also know how much a blessing it is to have the new technology to keep in touch! God bless. xx

  7. Oh yea, they all look like handsome Hedges. You are one lucky Grandma. And yes, the tech is great for keeping you all in touch.

  8. What a fabulous bunch of grand children and all so close in age. Joel reminds me of Fox.

  9. All the kids look very content. It's great to have siblings close in age. I'm sure the older ones help out with the younger ones.

    Thank the Lord for technology that keeps us in touch with our kids and grandkids!

  10. your grand children are same age group and looking very cute, thanks fr sharing this.


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