Sunday, January 20, 2013

Shamba kwa Paka

AKA... Garden for Cats!

Shadow and Ambrose looking for lizards!

Shadow, Ambrose and Ginger (hidden on the right) resting in the garden
Ginger, the Kenyan boss-cat!

Ambrose, the baby of the family is Kenyan born and replanted in Tanzania. 
Shadow, Sudanese born, ex- South African, ex -Kenyan, now- Tanzanian cat! 

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  1. I love their garden! And Ginger is the boss? I wonder how Shadow feels about that, as you had him first. LOL

    I'm always so happy to see photos of the cats, and they seem so happy in their garden.

    I hope you and Grant are well.

    Luv, K

  2. With those three beauties on the hunt the lizards would be smart to find another garden.
    Cute shots!

  3. Cats so adore a garden! I am sure they believe that they own it! In my Shadow's case, she shapes it to her needs! She loves biting off bits of my jade plant, fishbone ferns and wisteria! She has seen me pruning! Maybe she believes that she is helping!

  4. Hey guys! Have fun!! Did y'all find any lizards or mice?


  5. It looks as if they like your garden very much ! These little globetrotters !

  6. JO, your kitties are so cute! They must enjoy being in their garden! Happy Sunday!

  7. So they have learnt to play in the garden without trying to escape? The jet setting felines.

  8. Love your cats in your garden - such a delight - specially since it's wintery weather here in Canada - So enjoy your blog! Thanks for sharing your part of the world.

  9. You guys really do know how to have fun!! I wish I could play with you!!

    Sam Schnauzer

  10. Your cats get around more than most people.

    They sure look content in the garden.

    12 days left. Will you still be home the 20th?

  11. Beautiful garden and beautiful cats!


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