Thursday, January 10, 2013

First day at Pre-primary School

Yesterday I received the following photos on my phone: (Our Marquard grandson, Joel) on his first day at school. Joel will be three at the end of January and to this doting Gran, he looks so tiny standing outside the school building. But having an outgoing nature, I'm sure he'll love being with other children every weekday morning. 

 Our second oldest grandson, Joel (almost three) on his first day at "school" 

 Note the body language: even at this age, there is a little apprehension (at the unknown? Being away from mom all day?) in that left foot stance
Joel with his larger-than-life school bag (I'm sure Gran would do well with this bag on her African travels!)
Standing next to the bag rack - his is hanging under his name. Note the right foot this time!

 Ah, this is more like it! Making things is fun! 

Be blessed darling little Joel. Granny and Granddad love you dearly!


  1. Age 3 seems so young to be in school already and away from home.

  2. Aw,Jo, he is so sweet. He is apprehensive I'm sure as it is a big and different world out there. But I'm sure he will enjoy it when he realizes he has a lot of new playmates. I laughed when I saw his backpack is half of his size! I hope he only has his lunch inside. Hugs. xx

  3. Joel is so cute! I am glad he could have some fun on his first day. Wonderful photos, Jo!

  4. isn't modern technology great for us grandparents of far away grandchildren? He'll love it.

  5. very very little and cute boy. very funny . i loved him

  6. I think he looks rather happy ! Now he is a big boy, what cute pictures !


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