Saturday, January 19, 2013

Blogging and snail mail!

Great excitement yesterday when I received three Christmas cards from blogger friends

Imagine my delight when Grant walked in at lunchtime yesterday and placed three envelopes on my desk. Christmas cards from blogger friends.

Every year I send out cards via snail mail: to friends and my elderly neighbor in South Africa (and no, not one of them know about or read my blog) and to blogging friends from all over the world. For Christmas 2011, my cards were dispatched from Nairobi and arrived at their destinations within ten days!

This Christmas past, I bought my postage stamps in Shinyanaga (photo at bottom on post) and on the way to the airport in Dar Es Salaam, I asked our company driver, Mohamed if he'd post the cards in the city. He promised he would and while I was on leave in South Africa, two friends mailed me and said they'd received their cards. Yippeee! Thanks Mohamed! 
 Each card was unique and reprented its sender perfectly

The first card I opened today was from fellow-blogger, fellow cat-lover and friend, Gattina, of Writer Cramps. I felt touched to receive a card from her, as I believe she prefers to send e-cards to friends instead of using the old-fashioned postal method. Her card was made personally with a collage of her, her husband, their grandson and their four cats. Grant and I had a very special meeting with Gattina and a friend, in London in June last year. 
The second card was from a very dear friend, Pat from Pat and Jerry blog. Pat and I "met" through blogging early in 2009, when she and I visited the same blog set in Niger, West Africa. I clicked on Pat's name, arrived at her blog and have followed it since. (Note* I have got to know many bloggers by clicking on their link while we both visited a third blog. Try it sometime!) Pat and I share a love for the Lord Jesus, we've shared testimonies with each other; and she has prayed for me on many occasions when I asked her, and I have lifted her up in mine when she's needed spiritual support. Pat and I are both doting grandmothers as many of you out there and already "know" each others' grandchildren through our blogs! Pat's card has a embossed golden dove and included a beautifully typed newsletter and photos of her, her husband and their family in 2012. 

The third card was from dear blogger friend, and an inspiration to me with my writing: Becky Povitch. Her card was absolutely unique in that it 's a narrow cut-out and resembles two long book shelves lined with Christmas classics like Once upon a Christmastime (George R Sims); Nancy's Country Christmas (Eleanor Hoy) and more. Becky is a published author with a second novel appearing this year.

So that's why I love blogging and blog-hopping / visiting. The more you visit and comment (else how will that blogger know you visited?) the more people return the compliment of visiting your blog and commenting. You also get to know people on a more personal level through e-mails and sometimes through the snail mail!
Shinyanga Post Office, where I bought my postage stamps for Christmas Cards last November. I didn't enter the glass doors. The window on the left slid open and a friendly young woman served me through it! The cards I received were sent to our company HO in Dar Es Salaam and forwarded to me with a spares truck

I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend, wherever you are!


  1. Oh dear Jo, I'm so glad that these cards made it to you since my one and only card sent seems to have gotten "lost" for a long time in the mail. I hope I told you that I did receive your precious Christmas card from Tanzania. If I didn't, please forgive me. I appreciate so much anyone who takes the time to send me snail mail. I love snail mail. Love and hugs. xx

  2. You must love the internet and being able ti email when it is such an ordeal for you to send and receive snail mail,

  3. This is the 2nd year I have sent you a Christmas card and you didn't get it--at least not yet. I hope you finally get it... OR--maybe I have the wrong address...

    WELL--my intentions were good... Sorry you didn't get it.


  4. How fun to receive three Christmas cards all on the same day, especially when Christmas was about three weeks ago! Maybe you'll receive FOUR cards next week!?
    Thank you, dear Jo, for mentioning me and the card I sent, and my writing. I don't remember how you and I "met", do you? I'm pretty sure it was through the blog-hopping that you mentioned. I'm so happy to know you!
    Hugs, Becky

  5. It fun to get snail mail from friends instead of bills. I am too lazy to send Christmas cards any more. Though I do like to send postcards from places I visit.

  6. Did I tell you I just loved the beautiful card you sent me? I didn't send out any Christmas cards last year because I was sick for such a long time. I know it sounds like an excuse, but it's true. Nevertheless, I loved the card you sent me and it made me feel much better!
    Luv, K

  7. I am happy you rec'd your snail mail. It is fun, to get mail from around the world. You have wonderful friends. Have a great weekend!

  8. Finally ! my card arrived ! I think I could have brought it myself walking over from Belgium to Tanzania ! That was really a very slow snail ! I posted the envelope mid December !!
    At least your old looking postoffice works quicker then our Belgian post !!

  9. Don't you just love it! Friends all around the world.

  10. I too am glad my card and letter made it to you, Jo. You are so good to keep up with all your blogger friends. I have been very neglectful of my blogger friends in the last couple of months, but I think of all of them often and feel guilty that I have not been keeping up on all the blogs that I usually follow, like yours! I've been busy with Good News Club and Gideons and church activities...not a good excuse, but that's what takes up my time! You're a great blogger friend and I pray that things are ever improving for you and yours!


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