Sunday, January 6, 2013

South African Pets

Hi everyone, this is Ambrose again posting on my mum's Pet's Forever meme. Ginger and Shadow don't have time to blog as they're either at each other's throats or they're outside in the back garden. Mum says I'm still too little to go out alone yet. Sniff.
I only found out this week that when our yoomens go away for such a L O N G time that they go to OTHER animals! Boohoo. That's not good. Anyway, I looked on mum's computer and found these photo of the DOGS being taken for a walk.

My mum writes about everything so I know that they take them to a golf-course near their home. (What's a golf-course?) I also know the dogs' names; there's Angie (she sounds nice and friendly); there's Megan, who's an old lady almost as old as my mum and there's Eddy. Eddy is a Jack Russel and I read somewhere that Jack Russels like to chase cats.  Yikes!
This is Angie
This is Angie again. The small white dog next to her is Eddy
Here dad is carrying Megan who gets too tired after a run on the golf course. Angie also gets tired but carries on walking next to dad
Megan is smiling because she gets a free ride home! 

Mum says it's impossible to get a photo of Eddy until they arrive home and the dogs have a long drink of water.

Eddy doesn't even look tired!  I bet if she knew I was looking at this photo, she'd jump through the screen and chase me! Ewgh!

Anyway, before I move to a safer place, why not pop onto this blog for more posts on pets around the world?


  1. Means you have more step brothers and sisters.

  2. Hi Ambrose. Those are lovely dogs but we think the best way to watch dogs is on the computer screen. They would probably chase us too if they knew we were watching.

    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew

  3. Hi Jo, they are all cute dogs. Love the last shot at the water bowl, it must have been a great walk. Happy Sunday!

  4. So, it's warm there? Love all the photos Jo!
    Happy week to you all!

  5. I think it's the first time I see your 3 dogs together ! Arthur helped today with taking off the Christmas tree decoration !

  6. Ambrose, don't be jealous of the dogs. Some day you're going to get on another airplane (I know, I know, but you'll manage) and go to South Africa to live. Your mom and dad love you and won't go anywhere without you, Shadow, and Ginger. I know because I remember when they just had Shadow, and he was a kitten.
    Love from Kay and Lindy

  7. Cute, active, lively dogs, even the elderly ones.

  8. all baby are very cutie and looking very lovely. blog are very great


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