Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Birding in South Africa

While in SA recently, Grant and I did a last motorcycle trip to nearby Clarens in the Eastern Free State Highlands. On the way there, we stopped to drink coffee (we always pack a flask), enjoy the beautiful weather and for me to photograph the scenery. 

Frequently along the way we spotted birds on the telephone wires and eventually Grant stopped so that I could get photos.

Amur Falcon sitting quietly on the wire looking out for a meal

Almost below the wire where the falcons were sitting, I zoomed in on a grasshopper on a Statice plant. Perhaps this is dinner for the patient birds above?

Dinner perhaps?

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  1. Hi Jo, That falcon is gorgeous.... He looks like he was posing for you!!!!

  2. Glad you got some birding in along your ride. Saw a lot of static and Huge grasshoppers near Nieu Bethesda.

  3. The picture of the grasshopper is amazing ! That's something for Rosie ! She would jump behind, lol !

  4. Hi, Jo! I love, love, love your new header. Very attractive. I've recently had the opportunity to fly down to Dar for a "turn-around" trip but just did not feel I should try that much adventure. Our Missions department needed an escort for a young couple who had never traveled outside the USA. It would have been fun ... but I just didn't feel quite ready yet. Maybe one day soon.

    Love the pictures here. SA has a lovely country-side.

  5. These are wonderful falcon and grasshopper close-ups! That would be a tasty meal for the falcon.

    I saw on the news that Israel was having a plague of locusts in the Sinai Desert recently.

  6. Hi there - I wonder what these birds did back in the days when there were no wires!

    Cheers and thanks for (trying to) link to WBW- Stewart M - Melbourne

    PS: I think you may be on my other blog. Try here for the linky:

  7. Sorry I took so long to get to this Jo.

    Hard to tell from the angle the picture it has been taken from but it looks like it might be a Green Milkweed Locust. :)


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