Thursday, April 4, 2013

Meeting a fellow-blogger in South Africa!

Gaelyn from Geogypsy in the USA, and I have been blogger -friends since 2008. In fact, I think she and I starting blogging almost the same time and, as happens, visited each others blogs and subsequently became followers. As often happens too, we became regular e-mail friends and I follow her on Facebook.

When Gaelyn visited South Africa in 2010, we were also on leave, but didn't manage to meet up. This time however, we planned and organized to the last detail that we'd spend at least one day meeting and getting to know each other. And we did. 

On Saturday 2 March, Gaelyn had previously booked into the Bed & Breakfast we always stay at: Guinea Fowl B&B in Knysna. 

The Guest House is owned by life-long friends of ours, Pete and Mart, so not only was Gaelyn accommodated in grand style offered by this establishment, but Pete and Mart had arranged that she join us at a private meal that night

When Gaelyn arrived at the Guest House, and she jumped out of her hired car, I was amazed to see that she is much smaller in real life than she appears on her blog photos. She is also very outgoing and friendly and within minutes I realized that this lady is adventurous, innovative and highly-intelligent.

Once Pete had shown Gaelyn to her room and she unloaded her luggage, she and I jumped into her car and I guided her to the Waterfront for a spot of lunch. (which she  wouldn't let me pay for!). Gaelyn drives confidently on the "wrong" side of the road and we had a laugh about the fact that I told her to turn at the next robot (trafic lights). Soon we were sitting along the Quays and chatting about everything and anything as if we'd known each other for years!

Later we wandered around on the Waterfront and Gaelyn took ME up to the Knysna Heads. I'd never been and couldn't direct her but she got us up there and we spent several hours clicking away at the beautiful scenery below.

Gaelyn photographing the Heads

One view from the top of [one of] the Heads

And another...

I asked the only other person at the overlook to take a photo of us.
Gaelyn and Jo meet at last in Knysna, Western Cape, South Africa

Eventually Gaelyn and I made our way back to the Guest House. While other guests go into town and find their own entertainment and dinner, Pete and Grant organized a snoek (fish) braai/BBQ on the deck overlooking the Knysna Heads. 
 Gaelyn and Jo on the deck of the guest house which overlooks Knysna and the Heads

Next morning it was time for me and Grant to load up the motorbike; we were meeting our friends in Barrydale to go riding further up the Cape coast. So after a great South African breakfast on the deck, the time had come for us to part.

Gaelyn, it was so great meeting you and I hope we see you again and again and again in South Africa! 


  1. So neat, Jo, that you met up with a fellow blog friend. I love doing that --and hope to meet more soon. Sounds like you had a great time.


  2. How wonderful for you two to meet. Ever since I first met Gaelyn on her blog, I became a follower of this fantastically adventurous, intelligent woman whom I too am privileged to call friend.

  3. So glad we made this happen. I felt like I already knew you so we just had some catching up to do. Pete and Mart are fabulous hosts, and I'm sure even better friends. I know we will meet again either in South Africa or....

    BTW, I'm stealing those photos. ;)

  4. I am so pleased the two of you were able to get together at last. :)

  5. Glad you and Gaelyn had fun at the Knysna Heads and then BBQ at the Guest House, wonderful pictures! :)

  6. How wonderful for both you and Gaelyn, Jo. I'm so happy for you.

  7. Isn't that nice to meet a blogfriend and then have the feeling as if we would have known each other forever ?
    Unfortunately sometimes you can also have bad surprises ! I had it twice !
    Not with you of course ! hehehe !

  8. I've visited Gaelyn's blog occasionally. I'm so glad you two got to finally meet! It looks like a gorgeous place to meet.


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