Sunday, April 14, 2013

More strange cats

Hi Bozo and my mum's blog readers. It's me, Ambrose again. If I didn't write this Sunday post, you'd never know the truth. While my mum was out again last night, I checked on her computer and almost fell off the keyboard. There it was again! Photos of other cats. Not big ole cats in South Africa, but teeny little kittens living here in Mwadui. I heard her telling our dad about her friend's kittens. She also told him that they were "rescue" cats.

Not only did mum go and visit her friend to see these kittens, but she came back with photos of them. They look very small. I'm not sure I could play with them even if I wanted to!  She also told dad that her friend's husband found them on the side of the rain when it rained so hard last week.  

Oh, and when I asked Ginger and Shadow if they worried about mum having other cats' photos in her files, they just yawned and said: "No, why should we? We get our food on time, sleep on a double bed at night and are adored by our slaves!

Oh well, mum's told me I was a rescue cat so I'd better be kind about these little kittens who've also found a good home like ours...  
 Mum's friend's kittens

In the looks department, they're not going to be much competition for me! 

Uh-oh. Wrapped in a blanket. They'll become spoilt!

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  1. They are very cute, Ambrose. It won't be long before you are protecting them ;-)

  2. Cute little kittens, Ambrose, but I don't think you have anything to worry about!! You're at the top of your Mum's list!!

    Sam Schnauzer

  3. Such little cuties! Glad they found a home.

  4. Such lovely sweethearts!!


  5. So happy those cute little kittens got rescued and now have a snugly blanket to hide under!

  6. Oh what sweet little critters. Glad they have a good home.

  7. They are beautiful little kittens, Ambrose, but of course they don't have your lovely coloring.
    I'm so glad they have found a good home where they will be covered with warm blankets. It takes a long time to recover from being thoroughly wet.
    Love, Auntie Kay

  8. I was sure I commented here yesterday, but my computer has been playing tricks on me. I think the problem is in the mouse, Ambrose, what do you think?
    Now don't you worry about those little kittens. They deserve to find a good home, just as you did.
    Auntie Kay and Lindy


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