Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pottery in Mwadui (January - March 2013)

Regular readers will know that since October last year I've attended pottery classes with the other ladies on camp. Although my first piece was humble to the point of being almost puerile, I have, according to my mentor, Amanda, improved greatly over the months.

At the end of January, Amanda said she wanted to show me and Linda, an American missionary, how to make a cylindrical object. Although I was very nervous, it turned out not to be so difficult to form after all. Amanda guided me through molding the clay around an old Tupperware canister which was wrapped in cloth. When my form emerged, and I could safely remove the mold, Amanda suggested that Linda use the same canister but with stiff card around it. Meanwhile I added a handle, formed the other side into a spout and secured a base to the bottom of my jug. 
 The first stage in creating a milk jug/beaker

A week later my jug had dried successfully albeit was very wonky-looking, providing great mirth in the studio. Linda's jug which had been smoother and perfectly formed,  had cracked and broken. I decided on a color scheme change and painted my crooked jug bright blue. I added a daisy on opposite sides. 

The painted jug before it's bisqued and fired in the oven

Amanda baked our items while I was out on leave so it was only when I returned to the studio on Tuesday that I saw my jug.The other three ladies were admiring it as I walked in.
The finished article

I was the  least artistic person to join the pottery class last year but managed to create the Piece d'Resistance in this new year

Another angle on the unique Mwadui Milk Jug!

Here's hoping you're all having a great week so far.


  1. I think you did GREAT, Jo! That's the spirit - tackle anything. Take advantage of every opportunity for learning and doing. Writer, cook, manager, biker, photographer, mother/grandmother and companion to Grant. Many other things also, I'm quite sure. That's your style.

  2. Good for you Jo. There's nothing like working in clay.
    Before my studio was reduced to ashes, I used to teach pottery apart from doing many other things.
    Nice little milk jug. Were you surprised how much the firing had shrunk it?

  3. Oh, good for you, Jo! That is beautiful! I love it!! It does look as though your week is going very well!

  4. It's fun to create and learn new skills too! Your jug looks wonderful and I absolutely love the cobalt blue.

  5. Wow ! congratulations ! that's beautiful !! Now you know what to do for Christmas gifts, lol !

  6. I love your jug, such a pretty color. You're are obviously more creative than thought.

  7. Pottery is something I've never tried.

  8. You did a good job on that jug for a beginner. Well done!. It is a useful item too.

  9. How wonderful to work with clay. I loved seeing the stages and finished piece. Beautiful jug!

  10. Jo: I love the quaintness of your milk jug. A very colorful piece of pottery. Thanks for your comments on the mosque. It was turkey so rules may be different. They are an independent country.

  11. That is a really beautiful milk jug, Jo. I love the vivid blue with the big white flower on it. I know it will grace a table some day when you are entertaining guests. What a wonderful job you did...and as a beginner, too!

    (((Hugs))) Pat


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