Sunday, April 28, 2013

Poor forgetful mum!

Hi Bozo and other readers of our mum's blog, this is Ambrose again, posting on behalf of mum. Ginger and Shadow.  Last night I watched as she frowned, and typed something, frowned again and then said she had no Internet. What's that I wondered? Anyway, looks like she gave up wondering and turned off the computer, turned out the lights and went to bed. 

This morning I heard her tell our dad that she has no Internet. That word again. Mmmm. Dad said he had Internet at the office so he couldn't help her at all. Then it seemed like she just gave up trying to log on!

All day she lazed around knitting, reading her Kindle; she watched a movie,  and even had a nap in the afternoon. No work was done on the computer. Of course, I was sitting here on her desk, biting my tail in frustration as there was no post for the day! 

Late this afternoon, she sent a message on her Smartphone (not as smart as cats, though!) to her son. She must have told him the problem and he must have given her the solution. Suddenly she slapped her forehead (humans are strange!) and took money from her purse. She gave the money to Edward Askari, and asked him to buy her some "vocha"

When Edward returned with the airtime vouchers, she fiddled with her Smartphone, wrote a whole stack of numbers into it, and then inserted a card into the WiFi. Eventually we heard her sigh, raise her hands in the air and shout "Yessss!" 

As I said, humans can be strange, eh? 

After posting some cute photos of me and Shadow on mum's bed and of Ginger on his office chair, next to mum's, I can go and sleep on the day bed at last. *Sigh*
Here I am with Shadow waiting patiently for mum's blog post!

 Ginger waits patiently on his office chair

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  1. I am glad the problem was solved. The kitties did not seem to mind not having the internet. Cute photos!

  2. Ah, you're so patient with us hoomans and their silly problems, Ambrose!!

  3. Hi Jo, So sorry about your internet. I can only imagine how frustrating it can be at times. We SELDOM (knock on wood) lose ours...

    Cute pictures of your kitties --and a great post by Ambrose.


  4. Oh! You have the pay as you go system! Didn't think of that!Hahaa

  5. Bozo and Ambrose, I'm certain your mom appreciates your patience. I'm certain she also appreciates her son's help! Hugs. xx

  6. Thank goodness Mum finally got the internet situation straightened out and got this post online! You pretty kitties deserve some blog time.

  7. The kitties were quite concerned about your welfare! I'm glad you had that brainstorm so you could get connected again.

  8. Lindy says, "Hello Tanzanian trio. My mom is always losing her Internet, she says. OH NO, she says, I've lost my Internet. So she goes to my dad's office and he has to turn off something called a mo-dum and something called a raow-tur, each one for a few minutes. That makes my mom's Internet come home. I don't know where she loses it, because I've looked and can't find it for her."
    Love from Lindy, and Lindy's mom

  9. Oh Ambrose, if you only knew how much us yooman bloggers need our internet.

    Glad it was only a need of buying data.

  10. Good that mum has a son to solve problems ! You look so cute you 3 !


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