Monday, April 15, 2013


  Thanks to all who visited my blog on Thursday when I posted about the little blind boy in town. If you'd like to read it, please click here . You all understood and had empathy for the little boy.   But two readers actually put into words what I didn't manage to do! I've highlighted the words that hit the nail on the head.
Arija said... 
You never disappoint me Jo. You care and do something to help the people around you. We none of us know what this little person's life lesson is, but whatever it is, helping him to recognize the world and his surroundings now, may lead to many good things in the future. I'm in with the prayers. 
Joyful said...
Dear Jo, thank you for posting this story about little Baraka. I am so touched by his story and by the love you and Amanda have shown to him.
The poor child sounds like he is suffering from sensory overload, what with the blaring television and all the people coming and going, and no help to make sense of everything going on around him.
Thank God for his grandmother and now for you, Amanda and Linda. I'm sure Baraka will be doing much better if he has this chance to learn. I will certainly keep him and his family in my prayers. Love and hugs. xx 

Thanks, Arija, I was trying to say exactly what you worded so perfectly. And, Penny, yes, the term "sensory overload"  is one I wracked my brains to remember you came up with it. Thank you

Instead of waiting for Tuesday, Amanda took Linda to the child's house on Friday. She also phoned Janet and asked her ensure that Baraka's mother is at home when they arrive. 

She says when they arrived, the first thing that struck her was the silence. The television had been turned off! Halleluiah! The next thing that gave her great pleasure, was that Baraka was sitting quietly on the sofa. His mother was sitting beside him. As Amanda arrived, Baraka jumped off the chair and walked towards her. He grabbed her hand and kissed it. 

After they'd all sat down (with Baraka standing quietly between Amanda's knees - unbelievable) Amanda introduced Linda to the mother and between the three women they made arrangements to help the little boy.  Linda is going to buy Swahili pacers/readers from Shinyanga and will read to Baraka. Meanwhile, she's researching via the Internet exactly what is available at the Institute for the Blind in Pretoria, South Africa. If there is suitable material available, Amanda collect it when she is in SA later this week. 

My son, Angus read the post and suggested that once the little boy is settled and has mastered the mouth organ, we should buy him a guitar. It's a well-known fact that people who are visually impaired, make excellent musicians. 

One of my favorite opera singers is Andrea Bocelli.  He became blind at 12, after a football accident. He grew up exposed to [opera] music because it calmed him down. He needs no introduction, but I just love his duet with Sarah Brightman - "Time to say goodbye"  - and have uploaded it here.  


So thanks to everyone who's offered up prayers and encouragement for little Baraka and his carers.  

I wish you all a wonderful week again.  (It's stopped raining here, yay!)  



  1. This is a heart warming update Jo and so encouraging to hear about the latest visit to little Baraka and the help he is going to get. I'm so happy to hear that the atmosphere in the home was much quieter. I think that will go a long way toward helping him.

    Wouldn't it be wonderful if little Baraka is also gifted in music. What a delight that would be. I do love Andrea Bocelli also and that duet with Sarah Brightman is one of my favourites.

    God bless you and Amanda and Linda as you set about helping little Baraka. My thoughts and prayers for him and his family will continue. Hugs. xx

  2. I have been having some reception/computer problems and I just read about Baraka and I was so deeply moved! Having been a teacher in my younger days and working frequently with underprivileged children, I do know how much all of this means and what a wonderful difference it will make in his life as it has in the lives of so many that I have worked with. Thank you for all you do and for sharing with us! I, too, love Andrea Bocelli and this is a beautiful duet!

  3. What wonderful progress in Baraka's life, to get so much help at this formative time of his life. I think that Amanda must be one of the earth angel whom little children recognise even when they cannot see. I have met quite a few of them, they seem to have a magnetism that draws people in need to them.
    I will keep up my prayers.

  4. Jo, thanks for the update. I wish Baraka all the best. It sounds like he is receiving some much needed love and help. It is so nice to read such uplifting stories. Have a great day!

  5. I had read these comments and yes they are very nice indeed ! I love Andrea Bocelli, he has such a wonderful voice !

  6. Jo...thank you for being there in so many ways. You can make such a difference in Baraka's life.


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