Monday, April 8, 2013

More rain...

... and a day spent going through our holiday photos.

Since I last posted about the rain, we had one day of sunshine and then on Saturday night, the heavens opened and it BUCKETED down !
  The rain poured down again on Saturday night

We were invited to a BBQ at the club that night which was fine as the fire-place, tables and chairs are under roofing  - well sort of. The client supplied the meat and the remaining two contractor companies  were tasked with bringing accompanying dishes. I supplied a traditional garlic bread (made with shop-bought bread), a home-made foccacia , two deserts and a tub of vanilla ice-cream. 

The problem was not in all the preparation, but how to get the food across 1.5 meters of open space between our veranda door and the vehicle. (Pictured above!) And again, from the car to the undercover area at the club. As I'd just blow-dried my hair, applied my make-up and dressed for the outing, Grant got soaked carrying all the dishes and breads to the car while I waited in the doorway! Then I made dash to the car I took no chances though; I had a large bath sheet draped over my head and shoulders and an umbrella over all this!

Apparently we had 60ml in an hour. 

Sunday morning dawned with no rain but overcast. I stayed indoors and after I'd made a pudding for the Guest House, I sat in front of the computer and sorted through my holiday photos.  There are many, as I regularly take photos with my Smartphone.While on the back of the bike, I take photos with my little Sony Point and Shoot which has served me well since 2004! And when we're stationary, I use my Canon Powershot XS30IS. So there are MANY, many photos. 

However, I came across a few that I was pleased with and among those I decided to upload and post three of a dragonfly.   I'd  photographed it next to the dam where we stayed overnight with John, Debbie and children. I remember well how, sitting beside the dam,  I snapped away at the John and the children boating, the birds in and around the water, when I spotted this beautiful specimen on a blade of grass a few meters from my feet. 

I also remember how difficult it was to keep dead steady (no I didn't have my tripod - it stays in East Africa!)  and still try to focus on the vibrating wings and body of the dragonfly. (BTW I have no idea what this one is called: I tried to look it up on Google, but gave up; it was getting near my bedtime!) 
A not- so- steady hand caused me to cut off the wing tips 

 and then lop off the tip of the tail! 
 Finally, the subject fits within the frame, the photographer is happy and voila! Isn't it a beauty? 

Here's to a wonderful week to all!  


  1. What a torrential downpour! I'm glad it isn't stopping you from enjoying a braii. Great pics of the dragon fly.

  2. The dragonfly shots are great. Maybe try Joan's site for ID.

    I have SO many photos to label I'll be at it until next trip.

  3. When I see or hear of rain like that I always think of the difficulties I had traveling in the Kenyan countryside during rainy season in our Peugeot 504 station wagon. When I complained my African friends would always say, "Oh no! Please - we need the rains. It's a blessing from God!!" That's a perfect shot of the dragon-fly. You are a very good photographer, Jo.

  4. I really feel home when I look at your rain picture ! Your dragon fly photos came out great !

  5. Congratulations on the excellent dragonfly photos, Jo, and commiseration on the rain. Although, as is mentioned above, it is a gift from God.
    Thank you for your very sweet comments on my poetry, Jo. I always feel I'm not as good as I was when young, but almost everything from those days is long gone. It is nice to get compliments now.

  6. That dragonfly's wings are in such sharp focus, you can see the "netting" on them. These are great close-ups, Jo!


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