Saturday, April 6, 2013

Rain, rain and more rain in Tanzania

View from the veranda where the cats spend all day on the bed with the tiger. The criss-cross pattern is the gauze netting to strung across fine netting which keeps out the mosquitoes and other insects

It's been raining since we arrived back home in Mwadui last Wednesday. Not just drizzling, mizzles. Pouring torrents of water caused by tropical storms. Of course, the power goes out daily for as longs as three - five hours at a time. Grant told me earlier that we have a brand new generator and it should be connected/installed within the next week. Hurray! Not only will the Guest House have alternative power when necessary, because the generator is large enough, I won't have to go without blow-drying my hair when the national grid lets us down!
Meanwhile it's a quagmire out there. It's also difficult to drum up enthusiasm from the gate guards and garden staff. Just visible inside the little tin hut against the fence, is Askari Edward's leg jammed up against the door while he watched the rain

It's raining all over, even at the back of my house! 

At least the garden's getting a good soaking before the winter! 

I trust you're all having a great weekend.


  1. This reminds me why I no longer live on the wet west coast of British Columbia. My family is still there, and I love the Vancouver area, but the weather makes my bones hurt. (Actually, my connective tissues, but it feels like I'm wet to the bone.)
    Hi to Grant and hugs to yourself and the cats,

  2. You are getting a very good soak! Keep dry and have a great weekend. Hugs. xx

  3. I know how it feels we have had a bucket load this summer. Still now in Autumn.

  4. I'm hoping it's our rain that's moved north.

  5. Oh, that's right! You're heading into Winter...but that rain must be nice.
    Happy weekend!

  6. I see ... now it's your turn !
    Fortunately we are very seldom without power and then only for a couple of hours maximum !

  7. Your plants look tropical, so I suppose some heavy rains are the norm. It doesn't look fun out there, though, but the garden will be happy for the soaking.

  8. Be grateful for small mercies. What I wouldn't give for a soaking like that! Our trees are desperately stressed and one 40' eucalyptus has already given up the fight.

  9. Please send some of that rain to California! We're having another drought. I'm sure there is some place in the world where it rains neither too much nor too little!


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