Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pottery projects completed

Earlier this week I posted about the members of the pottery club here in Mwadui. Below I've set out the items that I've made since I started this wonderful new hobby in October last year.

A selection of bowls, spoon rests, meat platters and decorative tiles which I've made since October last year

The brown-ish plate with the Beautiful Sunbird image, was my very first attempt. And it's obvious! The clay was also apparently inferior, so once baked, it has a blotchy, beige and brown appearance. Nevertheless, at the time I was very proud of this plate and it motivated me to continue. The meat platter to the rear right of the photo is my best effort so far while the wonky jug/beaker, which I've posted about before was my most fun item made to date. I've also had umpteen compliments on it. 

I trust you are having a great week.


  1. These are marvelous, Jo!! How fun and how creative!! It is fun to find something creative like this to get involved with! Good for you!! I look forward to seeing more!!

  2. Wow, Jo... Great pottery. You are doing a fabulous job!! Glad you are enjoying it. The little jug/beaker is my favorite --although I like them ALL.. Congrats.

  3. Pottery is such a rewarding hobby. I like the sunbird plate, just a pity there was not a coloured underglaze rather than the shiny clear glaze over all. Alternately, if the clear glaze is the only one available, rub a light dusting of copper oxide on the biscuit ware. There is so much fun experimenting with pigments and glazes.

  4. Dang, you've made quite a bit. I really like the blue and yellow platter. And the pitcher,...

  5. Jo, I love your pretty pottery. I do love your cute bird plates. You are creative! Have a happy day!

  6. Out of all these, I think I like your first attempt, the brownish plate.

  7. You did a Super job Jo! Well worth the effort!

  8. This looks like a fun hobby, Jo. Your pottery is colorful and lovely.


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