Friday, April 26, 2013

Early morning, late evening skies in Mwadui

Yesterday morning I was awake and dressed early, so once I'd loaded the washing machine, I took the cats into our private shamba/garden. As usual I had my camera ready and snapped away at the beautiful pink and mauve shades of the newly - awakened sky. 

 Shadow thrilled to be out and about so early in the morning, watches intently for a sleepy/unaware insect to cross his path

 Ambrose gazes wide-eyesd into the distance while Ginger has a blade of grass for breakfast! 

Last night we had friends Rob and Nsia over for a visit we all sat in our garden. Marnitz, the young production manager who lives in the cottage behind our house, joined us as well. When Rob and Nsia left, Marnitz went into his house, while Grant and I walked with our friends to their vehicle in our outer garden. As they drove away, I had a beautiful view of the full moon shining through the trees. So of course, I photographed it. 

A perfect beginning and ending to another perfect day in Africa. 

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  1. There is so much peace in both the moments! Grand shots.

  2. Jo, what a colorful and pretty sky. And a beautiful moonlight. Great captures. Have a great weekend!

  3. Such beautiful captures for the day, Jo!! I always love the kitties and the colors in the first shot are so lovely! Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Gorgeous sunset colors and moon shot, Jo. Your kitties look like they're enjoying their early morning explorations outside.

  5. Beautiful photos Jo! I've just returned from visiting mom but didn't have time to take any photos this time. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs. xx

  6. So wonderful to know you have these wonderful perfect days Jo. I could use one now and again too. Today, our 55th anniversary, I went to the nursing home where he introduced me to one of the nurses as his mother . . .


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