Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cats of South Africa

Hi Bozo and all readers. It's Ambrose again, and I've been browsing through my mum's holiday photos. Oh my, has she some explaining to do! Exactly WHO are all the cats that pop up on her files? She says these two cats belong to their good friends, Pete and Mart in Knysna. The cats are called Katty and the other one is... (ooh, mom's forgotten!). Anyway, she took photos of these two cats playing in the courtyard. Here they are:

Katty hiding among the vines on the garden wall

And the Cat-with-no-name sitting on the bench below

I personally think they were eye-ing the Cape Chobin-Rat on the birdbath nearby. Wait, why is a RAT sitting on a birdbath. Oh, mum has just told me this is a bird: a Cape Robin-chat and that these two cats would never catch it. Mmm, being a cat myself, I wouldn't be too sure of that! 

Cape Robin-Chat

Anyway, I'm glad to say that mum is here in Tanzania and has probably forgotten about the cute kitties in Knysna.

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  1. It's always great to have our Moms home again, isn't it, Ambrose? Hope you have a fun day!

    Sam Schnauzer

  2. I know those kitties. Don't worry, Mom's safely home with no new additions.

  3. Heya Ambrose, am waiting for my human to get back home. Just like yours he too is clicking away photos of dogs and puppies in Europe!


  4. What cute kitties. We think they are probably watching the birdie too.

    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew

  5. Arthur agrees with you ! No bird has any chance with him !

  6. Sheer exuberance at having mom back to oversee all the fun.

  7. So happy for you three, to have your mom home. Don't worry about pictures of kitties or Katties or...

    Auntie Kay and Lindy


  8. The cats are bird watching!

  9. These kitties and birds are certainly cute. I'm glad you can read their minds. Have a great weekend, Jo!


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