Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Our World in South Africa

While we holiday in South Africa, it's of course wonderful to meet up with friends in our home town. But what is very special is seeing the family and reconnecting with them again. This last trip out was no exception. We saw Angus, Amanda and children regularly in Marquard. We traveled down to Kwa-Zulu Natal to see Grant's mom (I posted about this last week) and on the way back up the National Highway, we stopped off in the Midlands Meander to spend two nights with John, Debbie and children.
One-year-old Abby "almost" started to walk while we were home. Joel builds his LEGO motorbike (what else) These two sweeties are Angus and Amanda's children

Top: John boating on the dam with Eryn and Joshua. Note Eryn, the natural photographer. Of course, Joshua never stopped fishing for those two days either! Bottom: oldest granddaughter's stance very much like granddad's. And ten month-old Israel crawling across the lawn.

Top: Four-year-old blonde Bethany smiles happily into the lens. Bottom: Both Bethany and three-year-old Elijah love cats. Mmm, I wonder where they get that from? 

Elijah, always on the go. His mode of dress reminds me of the farmer-brother of Jon in the Garfield series

Enjoying ice-cream lollies at a small shopping complex near the Guest Farm: Eryn, (10) Joshua, (6 1/2) Elijah (3) and Bethany (4). Ten-month-old Israel was at home with his mum (probably crawling around the lawn!)

Three generations pose at a breakfast stop near Cape Town: Grant, younger son, Angus and his son, Joel

Grant and Joel "race" old motorbikes in a play area at a farm stall near Marquard

Back home in Marquard, Grant found an old lawnmower engine at a local garage. He cleaned it and ensured all parts could be removed. Then he gave Joel a set of sockets, his own shelf in granddad's workshop and showed him how to disassemble the motor. He told him each part name which Joel repeated. Then he taught him how to put the motor together again, asking Joel which part he was working with. Within half-an-hour Joel was able to disassemble and reassemble the motor and could name almost all the components

Next time home Grant wants to find him a Robinson hot air motor in working condition. I can just picture that little Joel's face if he assembles the motor, turns on a switch and it roars into life! I know that Grant enjoys working with part again, as it's been fourteen years since he's gotten his hands dirty.
Granddad shows three-year-old Joel which socket to use next

In South Africa a boy is never too young to learn to braai!

And a girl is never too young to ride a bike!

Praise God for digital cameras, computers and other modern technology. At least, while we're separated from our precious families, we able to view all the photos and keep in contact with our them by Skype, e-mail and on CHAT.

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  1. You do have such a beautiful family! And what a fun time for all that you've captured for this post! Thanks for sharing the fun, Jo! Hope you have a great week!

  2. Modern communication is a wonderful thing, I agree! You have such beautiful grandchildren, Jo. Looks like you made the most of your time visiting with them.

  3. So glad you got to see all the family while in SA. Hard to believe how fast all those grandchildren are growing.

  4. Is there anything better than a good family get-together? Not on you nelly! Lovely grandchildren and good that you are teaching them life skills REALLY early. It is amazing how early in life children can learn so much more than most grown-ups give them credit for.

  5. you really have very beautiful grandchildren ! I fell in love with little Bethany, what a doll !
    Grant is a great GRANDfather !!

  6. Beautiful shots. What a lovely family, the baby crawling on the grass is made me chuckle.


  7. What a lot of fun with family! I especially love seeing Grant teaching Joel how to take things apart and put them back together again. It is nice to see children too who have a clear area of interest from a young age. Have a great week.

  8. Looks like a lot of fun with the family!!!

  9. What a gorgeous kids and how clever to learn about disassembling the motor What a great granddad. I agree modern technology is a blessing My family lives on the other side of the world and I could't do without the computer

  10. Those crawlers are always so quick!!

  11. I echo your sentiment: "Praise God for digital cameras, computers and other modern technology." Amen and amen! Your grands all look like child models, they are so beautiful, Jo. I was amazed at little 3-year-old Joel learning how to disassemble a motor and then put it back together again. What a child prodigy!


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