Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Early morning visits

On Sunday morning I was up and dressed at the same time Grant was off to the office. (Normally I'm in the shower when he leaves). He asked if I'd like to take an early morning ride around the mine with him. I had time to pull on a pair of khaki shorts and tee, grab my binoculars and camera and we were off. 

The sun only rises around 7am here in Tanzania and as we're relatively close to the Equator, there is normally only a ten minute difference between seasons. So when we pulled out of the yard at 6.30am, it was still quite dark outside.
Clockwise from top : down in the mining pit; another glorious African sunrise and an early-morning domestic squabble between a pair of Pied Crows
Top left to right: a show of white blooms after the rains; Agama lizards warming up for the day; Bottom left: the base of a huge baobab tree on the mine and a Dik Dik watches us warily from a safe distance 
 An hour later, Grant dropped me at home only to fetch me for a spot of birding at 10.30. We also went out again at 4.30. We saw and photographed an interesting selection of birds over the weekend. More about this in tomorrow's post.

When we came home after the last outing, the garden looked very inviting with the last rays of the sun playing across the newly cut lawn. My small brood of chickens scratched in the soft greenery for grubs and other yummy insects. 

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  1. Looks like a wonderful day in Tanzania. I love getting out really really early in the mornings --since all of the wildlife are out-and-about.. Great group of photos --at all times during the beautiful day.

    Hope you are doing great. I had a wonderful week OFF.

  2. A busy world you do have, Jo!! And with lots of things/creatures to see on your walks! Great shots for the day! Hope your week is off to a good start!

  3. How nice to get out early with Grant.

  4. I've been wondering if I shouldn't do the odd post like this showing people more of my immediate surrounds.

  5. Jo, beautiful scenes from your ride. I love the sky shot and the lizards. The chickens are cool, I would love to have them here. Wishing you a happy day!


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