Sunday, November 3, 2013

Cats galore

Hi to Bozo and all mum's blogger friends. This Ambrose again. (Guess where our YOOMENS are while I get into mum's photos!) 

This week was very quiet although we've been outdoors many many times. For normal cats and their yoomens in and around the world, that's a normal thing. But for us kitties here in Mwadui in mum's house, we only go outdoors into our special cat shamba/garden. It has a big brown fence around it so that the dogs in the outside garden don't chase us! Ewgh. I remember when Shadow got out and mum, Michael (our best friend in all the world) and two other askaris rescued him. Now that was a scary sight! 
Unca Shadow and I play in the garden...
... while Dad Ginger rests in mum's salad garden

As always, Michael is also in the garden when we go out in the morning. I help him to garden - purrrr
 I like the moving toy that Michael uses on the lawn

Mum is also letting the two other kitties, Jess and Blackie into the house for a little while; I normally play with them. Unca Shadow and Dad Ginger stay on the veranda else they might hiss at the new kitties. Oh wait, one day mum let Blackie out and Unca Shadow was on his chair under the dining room table. But there was no hissing that time.  Unca Shadow just had big eyes and watched every move that Blackie made!
 Blackie looks around the lounge while Jess looks out into the big garden (Watch out Blackie. that's Shadow's chair you're standing on!)
Blackie and Jess sniff at everything in the house 

 Uh-oh Blackie don't let mum see you trying to catch the pretty birds! 

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  1. Wow, Ambrose, I sure can understand why Michael is your best friend in all the world for helping rescue your Uncle Shadow. That WAS very scary, wasn't it?
    And soon the younger kitties will be able to play with you and Uncle Shadow in the house, when all of you get to know one another better.
    I wish I could come to visit, but Africa is too far for me to travel. Maybe my mom and dad might visit some day, but it's awfully far for my mom (your Auntie Kay) to travel, too.
    Love, Lindy

  2. Hey wow you have a special place all your own! Lucky guys!!


  3. Ambrose, you have a cute kitty family. It will be fun when your kitty family will all play together as one big happy Family. Happy Sunday!

  4. You kittens look like you are having lots of fun in the garden. Looks like the new kittens have taken over the house too! I hope you are all getting along better and better as the days go by. I'm sure you mom would love that!

  5. That's nice to be outside in the garden and helping ! I would let everybody get together, they will fight a bit but then each one will find his place in their cat hierarchy. Pookie and Rosie are the worst enemies, they always hiss and growl at each other when they meet, even after 6 years of life together !


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