Monday, November 11, 2013

Visit to dentist in Mwanza

As you know we visited the dentist in Mwanza again last week; Grant's follow-up visit and my first. The dentist worked on my teeth first. Somehow while on leave in SA, I'd either lost a filling or broken a wisdom tooth. I don't know how as I don't chew steaks or eat sweets (candy) but there you have it, I needed to have my tooth repaired. And the dentist did just that! I didn't have anesthetic, he merely worked on my mouth as is and within half an hour he'd finished the job and it was Grant's turn.

Grant, the ninny, had anesthetic but within another twenty minutes he was finished.  Grant has another appointment at the end of November; at the same time, the dentist will clean and polish my teeth. After that we'll both be good to go for another year! 

We drove to the supermarket next where I picked up a few items for the Guest House. No need to stock up on cat kibbles and tinned fish as I'd done that two weeks ago when we were in Mwanza. Then Grant wanted to go straight home, but I convinced him to go to the Tilapia Hotel on the shores of Lake Victoria for a coffee and pizza. 

On the way through the traffic, which is always gridlocked mid-morning, we were held up indefinitely at T-junction. Suddenly an army vehicle, sirens blaring, and loaded with soldiers and AK47's appeared from our right and hurtled down past us in the direction the town center. The next minute, two red fire department trucks clanged their way at great speed straight down the road ahead of us. Close behind came a police landrover with - you guessed it - sirens blaring, and chased after the fire trucks.  Eventually the chaos abated and the traffic flowed again. 

We arrived at Tilapia Hotel without any further excitement or drama where I promptly photographed the classic cars parked in the forecourt. I tried to check on Google whether these vehicles had any special significance, but other than being able to hire them and a driver for the day, I found no significant information about their history. Grant suggested that perhaps the Rolls Royce had once belonged to Dr Williamson who started the Mwadui Diamond Mine in the forties and for whom we currently work but I could find nothing to support this theory. 
 One of the vintage vehicles, a Rolls Royce,  on display at Tilapia Hotel, Mwanza

A strange carriage/trap bicycle alongside another vintage vehicle 

 We ordered our coffee which came ages before the pizza but was delicious all the same.
Lunch on the shores of Lake Victoria, Mwanza

Of course, while there, we watched several Pied Kingfishers fishing for their dinner.
 A pair of Pied Kingfishers watching the lake surface before diving in to try their luck 

(I didn't get photos of the birds in action) 

When we arrived back in Mwadui, Grant went back to the office. There he read on News24 that the hullabaloo in Mwanza had been caused by an armed robbery at the hotel opposite the dentist's surgery. 

*Phew* Talk about timing! 

What I can't understand is why did the first vehicle race in the direction of the center of town which is where the hotel is, while the fire-trucks and police vehicle dashed straight down a street almost in the opposite direction? And why the fire department? 

I guess we'll never know for sure... 

Here's wishing you all a wonderful week ahead. 


  1. That sure was an exciting day. Love the Kingfisher.

  2. A lot of excitement for a day at the dentist! At least I'm sure you enjoyed a break by the waterfront. Hugsxx

  3. A nice little snack size pizza which can be enjoyed while being driven around in the Royce

  4. Lots of excitement there, Jo! I am glad you had already left the Dentist before the trouble started. The pizza looks yummy and I love the Kingfishers. Have a happy day!

  5. HI Jo I love the vintage cars etc and the Kingfishers. Quite an exciting day!!

  6. Looks like you had a good experience at the dentist (if that can ever be said)… ha… I hate going to the dentist… When I was a little girl, we did not have anesthesia… YIPES… NOW---I always do!!!!! ha

    Great photo of the Kingfisher…


  7. I love vintage cars, and bird photos, but I've always been terrified of dentists. I guess that's why I now have rent-a-teeth.
    I guess I got confused. I thought Dentist Day was also spay-and-neuter day for the wild cats that had been rounded up.
    Better check back in case I missed a post.
    Glad you and Grant are well.
    Oh, and fire engines always show up when there's any excitement anywhere. When I fell and broke one of the vertebrae in my back, my mother phoned for an ambulance, but the fire trucks got there first, just in case I had set fire to my back as well.
    We were at my sister's house, so all her neighbours came out to see where the fire was. When I was put into an ambulance, I'm sure the neighbours were very disappointed.

  8. The classic cars are very cool. Nice that the kingfishers posed for you while you enjoyed your pizza.
    I hate going to the dentist, but getting it over with always gives a feeling of satisfaction. No more dentist for at least 6 months.

  9. Cool cars! They look in excellent condition.

    That pizza looks scrumptious.

  10. Susan Horby
    Can not believe you had teeth work done without any numbing or medication. I sit down in a dental chair and the sweat starts a pouring!!

  11. Huh. Maybe they hit the fire alarm rather than the police alarm in the hotel. Still doesn’t explain why they passed the actual hotel, though.

    Aside from that, it seems you had quite a day. Even the dentist appointment went without a hitch. And the classic cars… I wish I owned a vintage Rolls Royce. Anyways, have a good one!



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