Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Mining and game viewing at night!

Recently we drove out onto the mine after dark. While Grant liaises with the pit supervisors on his cell, I snap away at whatever is nearby. At one point he stopped for quite a while and I managed to get several good photos of mining process in action.
The trucks pour the material from the top of the scalp (on the right of this photo) by which smaller rocks  then fed onto the conveyor (left)
Being non-technical (no room for two in our family) I was more interested in the different lighting effects I could get

After Grant completed his call, he took me up to the tailings (ridge) where I could get a panoramic view of the whole operation below.

The view from the top

As we continued along the mine road through the bush, I began to look out for night-life. And sure enough; we spotted eyes in the dark.  Grant stopped and when he pointed the torch in that direction, we saw two small buck.  

With the Customs feature on my camera, I'm able to focus better at night, but in often I capture sci-fi eyes on the animals!  

As I clicked away at these little animals, the one buck moved forward and off my screen. At the same time, I noticed glinting eyes near the ground just below the buck. 
A hare appeared in front of the remaining buck 

The African Hare has been hunted for years (here)

Another special effect gleaned from my shaking hand while I took this photo
  An unlikely pair co-habiting quite peacefully in the African bush

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  1. The mine looks very large and is well lit up at night! That hare is absolutely huge.

  2. Great night captures. Looks very adventurous. Those critters look surprised by the visit.

  3. An interesting post after dark. The mine lights are attractive and the night animals look spooky. I just read a book called, "The hare with the Amber Eyes" I see that you have got one there. BTW It is a great book, an biography of a rich jewish family who handed down a set of netsuke through the generations.

  4. What cute animal shots - guess they are active in the cooler temperatures.

  5. Jo, I love the lights at night. They look pretty! Cool sighting of the buck and the hare. Great shots, have a happy week!

  6. It almost looks like a Christmas landscape ! and even animals are there !


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