Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hedges Kitty Update

Hi Bozo and mum's blog readers. This is Ambrose with a kitty update. Nothing much has happened this week except that our friend, Michael has gone on safari (holiday). We miss him very much but he told mum he'd be back next month.

Meanwhile mum still takes us out into our kitty shamba which is an enclosed garden and protects us from the big dogs in the outer garden.

Other than that we sleep a lot. Mmm.This is what cats do best. ZZZZ

Oh, and Blackie and Jess still play in mum's part of the house in three rooms. They also seem to sleep a lot.

The Tanzanian Trio in the kitty shamba
The Tanzanian Trio sleeping !

Jess and Blackie (behind) sleeping on their tree


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  1. Thank you for keeping us updated Ambrose! You will do well as a reporter in a pet mag!


  2. How cute, it is kitty naptime. The Tanzanian Trio is my favorite shot. I love the pretty garden too. Have a happy day!

  3. Beautiful kits and I also love your tiger :)

  4. I love your adorable cats Jo, but didn't know they grew in a garden :)

    Sunday blessings to you n yours.

  5. Loved the visit am sharing pics with friends so colorful I love them

  6. Hi. Ah we'll sleeping is good. I,m sure Mum does not mine.

  7. Ambrose, you're very good at this job. Soon you'll have to ask your mom for payment. Extra treats, perhaps.
    I almost didn't see the three of you in the garden, and you'll be able to hide completely when the plants get bigger.
    Blackie and Jess are also getting bigger, and I hope they'll soon be able to join you three for naptime with Mama Tiger.
    Love from Auntie Kay and Lindy

  8. Ambrose, all those photos of you kitties sleeping at Hedges Hotel really made me smile. I especially like the shamba you all get to lounge in each day. I hope the month flies by for you so you will see your beloved Michael again soon. I'm sure he will enjoy his safari until then. xx Hugs xx

  9. Everybody is looking rather fat and happy.


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