Monday, November 18, 2013

Our beautiful Grandchildren

(I'm biased, OK, but see for yourself!)

Recently John, Debbie and children left Mozambique for their break at home in the Drakensberg, South Africa. 

He's sent me various shots of the children and Debbie, working on a project.
Ten-year-old Eryn, a keen little horsewoman already

In the background of above photo you can see a building. This is the stable building for their two horses. This is what the project was that they're all working on.
Eryn (oldest Hedges grandchild) and Jallow - from the youth mission - with little Israel, the youngest Hedges grandchild

 Building the stables

 Joshua, Elijah and Bethany greet the horses in their new home 
 The horses test their new home 

I wish you all a wonderful week ahead.  


  1. Such a beautiful place and such delightful captures! A wonderful project and I know the horses appreciate it!! Thanks, as always, for sharing the fun and the beauty, Jo!! Have a great week!!

  2. How wonderful for the children to have horses! How exciting. In all my travels to Africa, would you believe I only saw 1 horse (in Kenya). So I'm delighted to see more. I think you have quite a few in South Africa. I hope you've enjoyed your weekend and I send you my best wishes for a wonderful week ahead!

  3. How super that the grandchildren have been able to help build the stable for their horses. They'll always remember that, whereas having it built for them would be okay, too, but not as memorable and certainly not as much fun.
    And yes, they're adorable.
    Luv, K

  4. What a great family project. Eryn looks almost as tall as Deb.

  5. JO, your grandchildren are beautiful. The horses are pretty too, they will love their new stables. Have a happy day!

  6. What project is that ? Keeping a horse bed and breakfast ?


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