Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The vet is due to visit again

At the end of July, I posted about how I assisted our visiting veterinarian, Dr Mawaluko to neuter Matewis who belongs to my friend Amanda. In mid-October I posted again about assisting Dr Mawaluko to neuter our two adopted cats as well as spay the Guest House guard dog. (The two cats are thriving; sadly the dog died of heart failure a day later - yes Kay, I'm still blaming myself!)

Once again the time has come for Dr Mawaluko to pay us a visit here in Mwadui. This time it's not going to be uncomplicated. The cats in question are between five and seven strays who come to Amanda's house to eat the food which Michael takes her from our Guest House scraps. Although they come running when they see Michael walking towards Amanda's house, they are all as wild as anything. Amanda and Andre and Wessel and Louise' young son, Wessie are going to try and catch the cats tonight, lock them in the travel cages which I have lent her, and then I will phone the vet to come as fast as he can.

One again, the procedures and spaying will take place in our large bathroom. This will hopefully all happen on Wednesday.

One of the five cats which come to Amanda's house and which we help to feed. The others were in the bushes and hedge around the garden and only came forward to eat once we'd withdrawn from the area!

As Firefly from Port Elizabeth observed, I sure like cats. *sigh*

Meanwhile today is 5th November and in South Africa, this day is celebrated as Guy Fawkes. I sincerely hope that the people who let off huge crackers for hours tonight at least stop at a decent hour.  My dogs, like all other dogs around the world, hate fireworks. I wish the government would ban this barbaric celebration.

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  1. Well, I won't say "don't blame yourself" then. This is me, not saying it, and especially not saying "I told you so"! LOL
    Someone was letting off fireworks a couple of houses away from here on Saturday night, for no apparent reason. Lindy perked up, decided it wasn't thunder, and went back to sleep.
    I wish you well with the cats this week. Catching them all will be the most difficult part, and trying to avoid being scratched will probably not prove to be fun, but I do admire you for the effort. It's a good thing you're doing, and not everyone would think of helping the cats.
    Love and hugs, K

  2. We used to celebrate Guy Fawkes night too but because of the fire danger here at this time of year and too many damaged eyes and mutilations from the fireworks, it thankfully was finally banned.
    My granddaughter is bringing home four more kitties from one of the sheep farms she works at. The farmer and wife really care for their sheep but don't bother to have the cats spayed. The result, litters and litters of unwanted kittens which they kill once they are weaned! I just cannot understand the logic of that. G-daughter will have them spayed at her expense and try to find them homes. We have 5 resident cats and really cannot become a total lost cat home.

  3. Hope they're all doing well!! Our pets are always such a big part of our world!! Have a good week, Jo!!

  4. HI Jo Good luck with the 'cat' procedures adn hope theannimals are safe from the fireworks sounds.

  5. Jo, I wish all goes well with the kitties. It is nice you are taking such good care of them. Have a happy day!


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