Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Critters

On Christmas Eve we went over next door to Angus and Amanda. Her parents, (Celia and Lourie);  sister, brother-in-law and their two little girls were also there. 

Sitting out on the lawn, Celia, Rina and I watched little Liam crawl on the back veranda. When he got to close the the edge of the top step, three experienced grannies shot up towards the child where Rina scooped him up ! 

Liam, at 11 months, is so inquisitive and takes several tumble a day because of this! 

Under the shady trees, Lourie and Leonard (Amanda's BIL) were making a lamb  potjie. You can read about this traditionally South African way of cooking and outdoor entertaining here
Leonard adds mushrooms to the potjie while Lourie holds the hot lid off

Amanda's sister, Ilse took a family photo
(My SIL Celia says you never see Jo in a photo; I wonder why? LOL!)

Some "real" critters for this post!
We ladies had to keep moving from an anthole on the lawn (yes, this is lawn - so very, very dry in Marquard)
Granddad Grant and Liam had a game while the little boy sat on his dad's shoulders
Joel and Abby play with the string of lights on the children's table

Christmas Eve family dining al fresco: From left: Lourie, Celia, Leonard, Ilse, Rina, moi, Grant Amanda and Angus
Amanda had delicious breads to accompany the potjiekos
 There was an sparagus quiche which Celia made especially for me

As all skywatch enthusiasts and fellow moonwatchers will know, it was full moon on Christmas Eve, Christmas morning. The first full moon in 38 years to fall on Christmas. It won't occur until 2034, so I made good use of this unique opportunity in case I don't see it again! 

I hope you all enjoyed my post of Christmas Critters: bread, potfood, ants, children and a full moon! 

I'm linking to Saturday Critters with Eileen here


  1. Hello Jo, I enjoyed seeing your family Christmas Eve celebration. Great shot of the whole family together! Your grandchildren are adorable. The food looks yummy. I guess the ants were looking for crumbs and leftovers. I hope you had a happy Christmas! We had rain and clouds here so we missed the full moon. Wonderful photos! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend and week ahead!

  2. i missed most of the post while drooling over that bread. i am a bread addict. yum.. that first shot of Liam is just beyond adorable. and i like the family photo a lot.. important to store those memories. looks like you all had a wonderful dinner and that pot thing looks really good to

  3. I Love your family photos Jo. After having an unusually warm December, we are starting to cool down. You all look very toasty where you are. Happy New Year!

  4. We love to cook outdoors in all seasons. - Margy

  5. What a great Christmas with the family. Sharing Christmas with 20+ people, five of them 7 and under, was a first for me. I have yet to try potjie and really like lamb. Bet it was delicious. It was completely over cast here for the full moon. If I make it that long, hope I can still pick up and use a camera. ;)


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