Saturday, December 5, 2015

Mix of Critters

I have so many critters to post that I didn't know where to begin. However, I start with the iconic windmill and continued with several sights - a dog at the toy run and a gigantic Teddy Bear on a motorbike; then a Bantam hen and chickens and then several roosters from the same breed AND a mighty long caravan - these last Grant and I encountered at the One Stop - filling station and shop/restaurant just outside the city - all while traveling to and enjoying the toy run on Sunday. I ended with a thrush in our garden enjoying a tasty morsel on the lawn in front of me. 

A mixed-breed Sheepdog with his master at the Toy Run
A gigantic Teddy Bear astride a motorbike 
A Bantam hen and chicks at the fuel filling station, One Stop
One of the Bantam roosters at the same fuel stop
Two more Bantam roosters 
Southern Masked Weaver
The longest-ever caravan which Grant and I have ever seen being towed
This isn't a park home - it's a HOLIDAY camping vehicle. Rather this man than me towing and trying to park this long caravan! 

Back home I spent an age capturing a resident Karoo Thrush searching for its meal and then finding and devouring it! 

...a tasty morsel... earthworm!
A quick flick of the head and the worm is down the hatch! 

The blue plastic visible in front of the Thrush, is a pipe which is attached to our laundry outlet pipe. Rina and I noticed that lots of precious water was being pumped down the drawn when we did our washing. Now, thanks this pipe, the water from my washing machine flows straight onto this part of the lawn and seeps into the surrounding grass. Grant searched high and low for a few meters [only] of this special pipe called lay flat. You could purchase it by the 100's of meters but we only needed about six. He eventually sourced it at a hardware store in downtown Bloemfontein. Viola, the water is no longer being wasted but pumped onto the lawn. Of course, this part of my garden has dozens of earthworms which the birds love - hence the series of photos of the Karoo Thrush eating its dinner here! 

I'm linking my post to Saturday Critters with Eileen here

Happy weekend to you all! 


  1. A lovely selection of critters to go with you story telling. Have a lovely weekend Jo

  2. Hello Jo, great variety of critters today. I like the cute doggies and the roosters. That Teddy bear is huge along with the long caravan. The Masked Weaver and the Karoo Thrush are both pretty bird.

  3. Love the bear on the bear on the motor cycle. The photo made me laugh!

  4. what a great way to water the lawn and the worms.. i love the bear and the dog and the rooster, my three favorites. but all are really great photos..

  5. Masked Weaver is very cool!

    I wouldn't mind traveling around and living in that camper, as long as someone else was able to move it for me...

  6. That's a great variety of critters. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  7. A wide variety of critters. That caravan is short compared to what we tow in the States.


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