Sunday, December 6, 2015

Scavenger Hunt Sunday # 4

I've not posted on this meme since 26 October. I had personal things to do (husband having surgery in hospital and subsequent follow-up doctor appointments) but here I am now! 


I live in the Southern Hemisphere and it's full summer here now. But we had a BBQ after watching a match on Rugby World Cup on the telly during October. 


With technology these days, we don't receive many things by snail mail. However, last week I received two Christmas cards in our post office box. The card on the left from my dear blogger friend, Penny, Snap That, sent from Canada. And the one on the right from my birder-blogger friend, Margaret, Birding for Pleasure, sent all the way from Northern Ireland. Penny and I met up in 2011 in Kenya and have mailed each other for years. Penny has been a stalwart friend, albeit online and supports me in prayer; we also share a lot of each having a parent in an old age home. I haven't met Margaret yet (note I say "yet" as I believe we'll meet one day, maybe at a common birding site!) but she has supported me in prayer and with encouraging words.  She also prods me gently to take part in this interesting meme! Thank you, my two beautiful blogger friends. 


I'm probably supposed to respond to this word by posting about mulled Christmas drinks such as Gluwein. But I'm teetotal and would much rather enjoy a cup of Rooibos tea. I've posted about this South African beverage before but there you have it. This is my cup of cheer. 


Watching rugby is a religion in South Africa. A tradition followed by many. Watching Rugby World Cup is no exception and we all watched the matches every Saturday evening. 

Even the dog, Skabenga got to know the time the family sat down and bellowed and yelled at the TV screen! 


Once again, I imagine the word prompt should have me posting about Christmas lights. But I love sunrise and sunset. And this was the sun rising - with the street lights still ablaze over a township along the N1 National Freeway between Cape Town, Bloemfontein and Johannesburg.

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  1. Beautiful sunrise and sunsets there in South Africa, Jo. I enjoyed hearing about Skabenga knowing what time it was. I can almost hear him bellowing at the television set, lol. I love this post not least of which I get to see that the Christmas card has arrived in good time but because I too like a cosy fire and wonderful cup of rooibos tea. I just had a friend and his son over before my friend travels for a job out of town for a few weeks. The little one watched Hockey Night in Canada while my friend made me an African dinner (with lamb substituted for goat) followed up by a wonderful medley of home picked blueberries, blackberries and strawberries. It was delicious. May you enjoy the rest of this month with your lovely family and your good friends. xx

  2. Hi Jo. I was laughing when I saw my card. Wasn't is a bit of a miracle to have got there but just in time for this meme. I liked how you thought 'out of the box' for some of your shots Ska benga has certainly grown up into a wonderful sturdy dog. Your fire story is superb. Well done. I will be posting my selection tomorrow so you will see it then.

  3. Hello Jo, pretty Christmas Cards! I like the shot of Skabenga, looks like he is preparing his bed. I like the first fire shot and the lovely sunrise. Great series for your hunt. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  4. your choice is fine with me, i love God's lights more than tree lights. love that big beautiful boy dog to. we are tetotal to, my cup of cheer is the first cup of coffee in the am.. the first 2 sips always make me sigh with joy.

  5. I can just imagine you all bellowing at the TV. I'm afraid we are not Rugby fans but prefer Football. I bellow at the TV during A-League matches when Brisbane are playing.

  6. I enjoyed your summer version of Winter. In fact I liked your creative thinking about Lights too! Rooibos tea is great, perfect for Cup of Cheer, IMHO.


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