Friday, December 11, 2015

Critical times...

At the moment we're experiencing one of the worst droughts and heat in many years. The Free State is not known for plentiful rain but come the summer months (October to May), we do get regular rainstorms and good downpours. 

Now, however, everything is dust dry and papery. Sad to see and even sadder to know that farmers, their crops and beasts are suffering. And when farmers suffer, the whole community suffers along with them.
A whirlwind (dust devil) on the dry plains of the Eastern Free State
The beautiful blue skies and fluffy clouds belie the fact that the country is suffering...
Here, two whirlwinds vie for attention on the dry flat farmlands

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  1. So sad dear Jo. It is so true that the farmers, their families, their crops and animals and the communities they serve all suffer when there is lack of rain (sometimes when there is too much rain too). I pray a good rainfall will come very soon. Hugsxx

  2. Hello Jo, I hope you recieve some much needed rain. I feel for the farmers and the animals. You are so right, everyone suffers. The photos are amazing. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  3. I did not know this. so sorry this is happening. the thing is this is really scary, because drought and floods are all over the world and are destroying our food supplies. here in our state we had the wettest summer on record and it destroyed about half of the citrus and tomatoes and other farm food. out in the western part of the country, drought, flood, fire has destroyed the grains and fruits.

  4. No rain...No crops...No food...Like a ripple effect on the water, everyone gets affected and is indeed sad. Praying all the areas that need rain will have it! Blessings to you sister. Even sadder are the drought in the people's souls...

  5. Sad to hear about these drought conditions. I hear Kruger's been getting rain.


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